Rampant Crime Uttar Pradesh

Can things ever change  in UP? Are people destined to live for ever in a lawless state? How can loot and rape of its citizens happen regularly as daily occurrences?

Clearly the criminal justice system has broken down completely in Uttar Pradesh. Police are completely ineffective. Politicians have rendered the police ineffective. Judiciary has failed to deliver justice to victims. Criminals roam Scot free while innocents are harassed.



 02 2016 : The Times of India (Delhi)
Bulandshahr horror: Another rape at same spot just 12 days ago
.     This is not the first time such a case has happened here, say residents of Dostpur village where a gang of robbers raped a 35-year-old Noida woman and her teenage daughter after waylaying their car on Friday . According to the villagers, just 12 days ago a few men had “brought a woman in a tempo and gang-raped her late into the night“.

Crime has become rampant in this area as it is deserted with no street lights or police picket, locals say. Devraj Thakur, former pradhan of the village, told TOI on Monday , “We got the news and immediately reached the spot after which the men fled. The woman was distraught, dishevelled. We stopped a police vehicle passing by and handed over to them a mobile phone and some clothes that the men had left behind. The police pocketed the phone and left. They later told the woman to come to the police station. We don’t know what happened to her after that.She was in a bad shape and needed help from the police.“

Govindpal Singh, another village elder, said, “Rapes happen here every few months but everyone is not able to muster the courage to file a report with the police.Even police don’t file cases even as the dangerous stretch has become a safe haven for criminals who often target travellers here.Had the police been vigilant in its patrol, the crime could have been averted.“

Kuldeep Sharma, another resident of the village, added, “All this started after the highway came into existence 18 months ago. Rapes occur occasionally but incidents of loot and dacoity are becoming commonplace here.“

DIG (Meerut range) Lakshmi Singh, however, brushed aside these claims.“This is at best the rumour mill at work. We do admit there have been a few lapses. We are doing everything in our means to bring the culprits to justice.More than half a dozen cops have already been suspended. We want to send out a strong signal not only to erring cops but also to criminals that no one will be spared.“

Police sources told TOI that “two similar incidents“ had occurred in the district on May 7 and May 12 this year.The same modus operandi was used -something was thrown at the vehicle to stop it, the occupants led out at gunpoint and then robbed and assaulted. Police, though, on both occasions had registered cases of normal theft (under IPC’s sections 379 and 356). The culprits in both the incidents were not arrested



Andher Nagari: Uttar Pradesh

        The largest state in India has been reduced to a pitiable state by Mulayam Singh and his son. Loot, rape and murder have become routine.  An extract from the HT on the latest in the endless scenes of shame in Utter Pradesh.

Justice or suicide for us now: Bulandshahr rape victims’ kin

  • HT Correspondents


  • Updated: Aug 02, 2016 09:56 IST

NOIDA/BULANDSHAHR: ANoida-based man whose wife and minor daughter were gang-raped by highway robbers in Uttar Pradesh said on Monday that the family of three will commit suicide if police fail to give them justice in three months.

“My daughter and my wife are not in a position to speak. For 18 years we have lived in Noida and now we are not able to return to our homes because of the shame. I appeal to the Noida Police to deliver me justice. I give them an ultimatum of three months. Post that, we will commit suicide,” he told newsmen.

The ultimatum by the family comes amid allegations of police laxity that allowed the gang to waylay five members of the family on the Ghaziabad-Aligarh highway on Friday night when they were headed to their native place in Shahjahanpur in a car.

The gang looted cash and other valuables before dragging the 13-year-old girl and her mother to a roadside field and raped them, the family said in its complaint.

“Two people raped my wife and daughter. My elder brother’s wife was spared because the rapists thought she was too old. We even appealed to them to kill us before they rape them…then they started beating us…They also took Rs 21,000 and jewellery from us,” he said.

The crime in Bulandshahr has shocked the country and raised questions about law and order and the role of police in the state. The UP government has suspended seven policemen and set up a 300-member task force that arrested three suspects on Monday. They were remanded in police custody for two weeks.

The family said the initial response of police on Saturday morning was “pathetic” and that a police van had driven past the spot during the assault.

The uncle of the minor said when they called the police helpline 100, the emergency helpline was busy at first and then no one picked up for a long time. They then contacted a relative in Noida and after some time, the local police station called on their phone.

But then, the officer on the other side of the line repeatedly asked questions instead of rescuing the family.

Mess In Education

Topper scam: BIHAR

Fake Intermediate certificates sold for `5 lakh in Bihar.
The Bihar exam scandal blew the lid off the shameful
teacher-school-official-impostor nexus in place. Here’s how the scam played out and the men and women behind it.

Bachcha Rai | Alleged brain behind scam | Arrested

Director-cum-principal, Vaishali’s Vishun Roy College;
said to be close to Lalu Prasad, Bachcha is in 14-day judicial custody. His photos with Lalu, Nitish Kumar & Union minister Giriraj Singh led to a ‘tweet war’ between Giriraj &dy CM Tejashwi Yadav

Lalkeshwar Prasad Singh |A main accused| On the run
The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) chairman
quit after the scam.
Allegedly involved in tampering answersheets of ‘toppers’
CHIEF’S WIFEUsha Sinha Accused |On the run
Ex-JD(U) MLA from Hilsa (Nalanda) & BSEB chairman Singh’s wife. Officiatingprincipal of Ganga Devi Mahila College

➤ Fixers, touts, impostors guarantee students high scores
➤ Either impostor appears for a test, or answer sheets are forged
➤ Colleges often bribe officials for exclusive exam centre
for students

Private, unaided schools/ colleges sought meritorious
students because the state govt pays 5,000 to the institution for every student getting a 1st div (60%),
7,000 for toppers,
4,000 for 2nd div &
3,000 for 3rd div. Eachstream, science & arts, has20 to 40 toppers every year

‘SENIOR IAS OFFICER’, Vaishali DM , Rachana Patil said ‘a senior
IAS officer’ and BSEB had asked her to change V R College’s exam centre

Who are the suspects?

StudentsRuby Roy | Booked | On the run
ignorance XII 2016 “topper” whose ignorance of her subject (she called political science prodigal science and said
it teaches one to cook) practically blew the whistle on the scam. After she didn’t appear in the two retests, her result was withheld. Booked, she is absconding. BSEB
has asked her to take the retest on June 25
Saurabh Shresth Booked |Absconding

The science “topper”, Ruby’s “co-star” in sting
video. Result cancelled after June 3 retest

Booked |AbscondingThe third sciencetopper.Result
cancelled after retest
Shalinee Rai | Named in scam FIR | Bachcha Rai’s daughter
She topped Matriculation in 2014 with 97.2%. Student of Vishun Roy College, idea was to enable her direct admission to a prestigious tech college

What were the rates?
➤ No standard asking price
➤ 10k-15k for a ‘scholar’ (impostor): 10k for ‘scholar’, rest with school
➤ Charges higher for girl candidates 18k-20k as women exam-writers very few
➤ Outstation candidates pay more Total cost: At least
Source: TNN and Media Report

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Kobhargade Affair: Low esteem of Indian Diplomatic Cadre

Indian Foreign Service officials who normally look down on Indians (aam admi), and have allowed their countrymen be subjected to maltratment and mistreatment by any and every third rate banana republic, suddenly saw one of their own being pushed around.

Suddenly the fraternity has realized that their own status ranks pretty low  with Uncle Sam.  They went out of their way to grant special privileges to US diplomats unasked; Crawling all the while.

The nonchalance and cavalier manner in which India  has been treated by even low level officials in the US criminal justice system and the State Department in US is a clear indicator of the contempt with which India and Indians are being viewed today by theUS administration at all levels.

Whose fault is This? Can this be righted? How?

An extract of article by MJ Akbar, is appended. He has with his usual keen eyes been able to discern, and present a balanced view : as usual.


Has Obama concluded that India is dispensable?

Relations between India and America have been temporarily mislaid in that variable space between letter of the law and spirit of the relationship. Diplomatic dignity has been hijacked by an egregious New York law officer,
Preet Bharara, who is clearly so deeply in love with himself that he has metamorphosed into a first-rate hypocrite. But the real concern should be elsewhere: why did his superiors in Washington’s State Department permit Bharara to behave as he did?
When all pontificating is over, faults will be visible on all sides. Where there are human beings there are problems. Where there are problems, there can be solutions. That is why nations employ a corps of diplomats. Diplomats know that civilized answers can only be found through dialogue; so the first and abiding requirement of international behaviour is courtesy, from whence the phrase ‘diplomatic courtesy’. But instead of finding a calm way out of a pinprick problem, some worthies within the Barack Obama establishment decided that the time had come to “teach” India, and Indian officials, a “lesson”. They downgraded India from friend to “gotcha” nation.
This is the fate of the weak, for even rivals are treated with kid gloves, not least because there is fear of consequences, as Russia’s tough foreign minister Sergei Lavrov reminded everyone. Just before India’s acting consul general in New York, Devyani Khobragade, was humiliated, Bharara brought criminal charges against 49 Russian diplomats for medical insurance fraud. Eleven of them are serving in New York. Not one of them has seen a handcuff. Washington knows that Comrade-President Putin has lots of handcuffs in the cupboards of the Kremlin. Russians were accorded diplomatic immunity. Devyani was denied such consideration on the sort of specious interpretation that would not travel very far if host nations applied them to American diplomats in their capitals. Neither did it occur to any wise egg in Washington that such behaviour with a woman is transgression of a more important human code than breach of any protocol signed in Geneva.
How could it, when the action was a conscious set-up? The maid in question, Sangita Richard, in an astonishing departure from norm, was given virtual political asylum in America. Her husband and child got visas to join her without any of the sweat that Indians associate with this process. Action against Devyani was initiated only when they reached New York. They will not return. Who gave them life-long visas in a hurry? Will we get any answers? Not likely. Is it accidental that two Americans of Indian origin, Bharara and Nisha Desai-Biswal, assistant secretary of state, are the official face of this sting? If this was deliberate, the master planners must be pretty dim. Such thin prophylactic was never going to be sufficient protection against Indian outrage.
But the challenge now is surely to rescue the Indo-US relationship, so carefully nurtured by George Bush and Dr Manmohan Singh, from this sudden bonfire. The Singh-Bush spirit has been wandering in nowhere space, desperate for an anchor, ever since Obama decided he could fob off India’s Prime Minister with dinner, a few conciliatory phrases squeezed out like water from rock, and a public relations wiggle or two. Is it psychological? Is Obama indifferent to India precisely because his predecessor Bush was so different?
Or has Obama concluded that India is dispensable: India is unable or unwilling to play any strategic role in American withdrawal from Afghanistan [although the potential is huge]; it has become a waffle state under a weak government, eager to maximise gains such as the nuclear deal but reluctant to deliver on its side of the bargain [witness A K Antony’s imperious rejection of American fighter aircraft]; its economy has lost promise and cannot be a meaningful trading partner or investment base. Obama’s Asian triangle of interest has been China, Afghanistan and Iran. India is a hollow on the periphery. If that is the message coming from the White House, it is almost inevitable that officials down the line get encouraged to flex false muscle.
John Kerry’s conciliatory telephone call to Delhi was recognition of American excess. But a nadir can also be the starting point for renewal. One year later, Obama will be loitering in the waiting room of the future. In five months, the Manmohan Singh era, already unravelling, will be over. Obama surely understands that the architecture of a stable and economically buoyant Asia is incomplete without a pillar called India. And Delhi must know that all relations thrive best on a two-way street. The critical months of restructuring will be between July and October of 2014, but for that to happen work on foundation stones of a fresh start must be laid in January and February.
In the meantime, the letter of American law will have to adjust to a revived bilateral spirit.

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Good Samaritan: Delhi Cop returns lost bag with cash

Cop returns lost bag with 5L to its owner

Raj Shekhar TNN

Cop returns lost bag with 5L to its owner

Raj Shekhar TNN


Constable Dharmvir found the passenger’s bag with cash and valuables

at a scanner in Nizamuddin station


       New Delhi:Had it not been for an alert cop, a 42-year-old man would have never got back his savings and valuables which he had lost at Nizamuddin station. Constable Dharmvir not only found the bag at a scanner machine but also returned it intact to the owner. 

    Shailendra Dhar, a resident of Mayur Vihar, approached the police on Friday evening after losing his bag containing around Rs 5 lakh, electronic gadgets like his iPad and camera, and his medicines for his spinal problem. A senior media professional, he was going to catch Chhattisgarh Sampark Kranti Express for his hometown Bilaspur.

       “A porter was carrying most of the baggage while I had this bag and my tripod. When we crossed the scanner around 5pm and went a little ahead towards the platform, I noticed that my shoulder bag was missing. I panicked and checked everywhere but could not find it,” Dhar said.
He approached police at Nizamuddin station. Additional DCP Sanjay Bhatia was informed and police started looking for the bag. “Its details were flashed at all exit and entry points and all points of suspicion were searched ,” Ravindra Yadav, additional CP, crime and railways, said.

       A team also began to scan the CCTV footage from cameras installed in and around the station. “On the footage at the X-ray scanner installed towards the Sarai Kale Khan side, we spotted Dhar entering with the bag on his shoulder but the exit camera footage showed him without the bag. This made it clear that he forgot the bag at the scanner in a hurry,” said Bhatia.

      Meanwhile, Dharmvir located Dhar around 8pm from the information flashed across the station.

     “At one point I lost hope that I will get the bag back but the cop showed immense sense of duty and perseverance in carrying out his duty. He has set an example for his colleagues and instances like these restore our trust in our police force which is often regarded as callous and corrupt,” Dhar said.

       Dharmvir will be rewarded for his honesty and setting an example for his colleagues.

GOOD SAMARITAN: Constable Dharmvir found the passenger’s bag with cash and valuables at a scanner in Nizamuddin station