Another Honest Man : This Species Still Survives!

Guj auto driver Raju Bharwad returns Rupees 1.90 crores cheque wrongly issued to him

Bharat Yagnik TNN

Ahmedabad: An Ahmedabad autorickshaw driver has returned a Rs 1.90 crore cheque issued in his name in lieu of three bigha of land acquired for Tata’s Nano plant in Sanand.
Raju Bharwad could have pocketed the sum, but gave an undertaking that he no longer owned the owner the land. He ensured that the names of the new owners are entered in the official records.
Raju’s family owned 10 bigha land in Sanand. Thirty years ago, his grandfather sold three bigha for around Rs 5 lakh on which 40-odd families built small tenements. Later, the Nano plant was to come up in the area and land prices skyrocketed. The Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) acquired land for it at Rs 28 lakh a bigha and started paying farmers in whose names the plots were registered.
Since the new owners had failed to register their names, records still listed Raju and his mother, Baluben, as owners.
“Honesty is one thing my parents taught me. I could not have used money acquired through dishonest means for my family,” says Raju, who lives in a small tworoom house with his wife, three kids and mother.
His family too urged him to take the right step. “I may earn Rs 6,000 per month, but live a life of dignity. I own four bighas, which should take care of my family’s future needs,” he adds.


Pakistan Elections 2013: Colorful with Caste Calculations and Lunatic Fringe


Elections in the sub continent are always colorful. In Pakistan of 2013 it is  more so with the people full of life if not joy at the never before prospect of voting in an election not distorted by the ISI and the Army. And a civilian government which has run a full term of 5 years, never before has this happened.

      Even if the Army is not directly interfering this time its presence will be felt in every booth. Gen Kayani has offered ‘protection’ by the army of every booth.

      Baddies this time are the Taliban and other fanatic organisations who have openly declared that they will adopt any means to ensure that the elections are not held. Repeated bomb blasts at election meetings , murders and kidnapping of candidates indicate that they have  the capacity to create a great deal of fear among the candidates and the public.

        The latest is the abduction of Haider Ali Gilani, son of former PM Yousuf Raza Gilani in his home constituency in the outskirts of Multan. The abduction was not a an amateur or ham handed affair, clearly planned and organised by professional terrorists.

       Nawaz Sharif is expected to reap the maximum number of seats, however PML -S will not have a clear majority. Najam Sethi the caretaker in Punjab has moved out a great many beauracrats who would have helped Sharif to influence the voting pattern.

      PPP is on the back foot this time. With many allegations of corruption and mis-governance. Death threats forced Bilawal to opt out. Candidates are afraid to campaign freely.


IMRAN KHAN while he may have won the world cup in cricket for Pakistan has no real experience  of Pakistani politics. How far his image of a honest person boosted by his recent hospitalization due to an injury received while campaigning will bring in votes is yet to be seen.

Nigel Evans : As a Minister he would have been safe in India

This guy should have been in India. No policeman would have dared touch him.

Even if the allegations are true he would have been shielded by the prime minister, all his cabinet collegues, and his party men.


       Deputy speaker of Britain’s lower house of parliament and Conservative gay lawmaker Nigel Evans has been arrested by police for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting two men in their twenties.

     Detectives visited his home in Pendleton, Lancashire, yesterday following allegations by two men who were in their 20s at the time of the alleged attacks, which are said to have taken place at the property in July 2009 and March 2013. British Prime Minister

      David Cameron, the Prime Minister of UK is understood to have been informed about the arrest of the 55-year-old MP for Ribble Valley, one of the few Tory strongholds in the north – See more at:

The Great Panjabi Vanishing Trick : This is a good time to be an illegal immigrant in US

          The attraction of Englind, Kanaida and Amreeka is extremely strong in the land of five rivers. ‘Disappearances’ of visitors , students and sportsmen from Punjab are  a regular feature. There is nothing much to be worried about. Understand that ‘arrangements’ are made in advance and disappearees land up at safe places located by their relatives who have migrated by the dozens earlier. 

     Their numbers pale into insignificance when compared to illegal migrants from Mexico and Eastern Europe, China and far eastern countries. 

    They are generally hard-working, law-abiding and good citizens of the countries they migrate into.

Also look at


2.    Indian Hajis ‘Missing’
Posted on December 25, 2011


Students on US trip ‘disappear’

I P Singh | TNN

       Jalandhar: Seven students from three schools here ‘disappeared’ during a study tour to the US and didn’t return home along with the others in the group after the visit ended on April 23.

     About 50 class 11 and 12 students had gone on an “education trip” from April 11 to April 23 organized by a Delhi-based company. Of the seven ‘missing’ children, three each are from State Public School, Nakodar, and State Public School, Shahkot, while one is from Emm Aar International School, Adampur.

    Interestingly, their family members have not lodged any ‘missing’ report, leading the principals to allege that the students “may have stayed back in the US in connivance of their parents”.
“The US authorities have been informed but the students still have valid visas to be in the country,” said Narottam Singh, chairman of State Public School, Nakodar.


Auto driver rescues 12 kids


       New Delhi: The prompt action of an auto driver helped save 12 children who were allegedly being trafficked. One of the accused was arrested after the auto driver, Tarun Kumar, handed him over to police. The children were reportedly between 8 and 10 years of age.

      The incident was reported on Friday around 3pm, when Kumar and a fellow auto driver were transporting 12 children and four adults from Anand Vihar bus stop to Kanti Nagar. According to a press statement of Aam Aadmi Party, Kumar was transporting three adults and four children in his auto when he overheard a conversation between them that made him suspicious.

       “He immediately called up police control room from the Kanti Nagar culvert and reported the matter. The culprits, realizing that he is reporting the matter to police, started beating him up and tried to flee with the children. However, Kumar did not lose heart and overpowered the kingpin — Ram Kumar and handed him over to police personnel at Krishna Nagar police station who had arrived at the scene after being alerted by police control room,” said an AAP spokesperson.

      “He also contacted Aam Aadmi Party helpline. Our volunteers visited the police station to ensure that the case is taken to its logical conclusion. As per the police, a case has been registered, the accused arrested and children have been produced before the child welfare committee,” she added.


03 March 2013

Manmohan Singh is NOT A FAILURE says Congress.


19 April 2013

New Delhi: The joint parliamentary committee on telecom has given a clean chit to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and rubbished the CAG’s Rs 1.76 lakh crore loss calculation in the 2G scam. But it slammed the Vajpayee government for Rs 40,080 crore loss .

The JPC did not find any wrongdoing on the part of then finance minister P Chidambaram either.


Doctors Fear Giving Advice: Fear Legal Imbbraglio

Doctors back surgeon, fear giving advice

Swati Deshpande TNN

      Mumbai: Leading surgeons in the city are upset over the recent Bombay high court judgment upholding the conviction against cancer surgeon Dr P BDesai for negligence.

     The case was of a cancer patient Leela Singhi, wife of then IAS officer from Rajasthan, P C Singhi. She was admitted to Bombay Hospital in December 1987 as a patient of Dr Desai by his junior Dr A K Mukherjee. She, on Dr Desai’s advice, was set up for a surgical procedure to remove her uterus but when Dr Mukherjee found it was not possible on opening the abdomen, he closed it on Desai’s advice from an adjoining OT where he was operating on another patient. For three months Leela remained in the hospital suffering in pain. She died 14 months later in Rajasthan

      Senior doctors say they now fear giving a second opinion to a patient of another doctor or when a patient is sent to them for referral. “There are two kinds of emotions that are running high,” said Dr Tehemton Udwadia, who is regarded as the father of laproscopic surgery in India and is associated with Hinduja and Breach Candy hospitals.

     “One is agitation
ties said Dr Farookh Udwadia, one of the seniormost physicians in Mumbai. “I would be hesitant to give opinions now. Opinions can change depending on a patient’s condition which when the case is terminal can keep changing.”

      Dr Tehmton said, “It was a unique and prehistoric practice of admitting patients only under the senior doctor’s name that has affected Dr Desai.” Dr D P Vyas, medical director of Bombay Hospital, backed the claim.

      He had told the court about the hospital’s procedure of allowing an assistant attached to a senior doctor to have his own independent patient but to not give him or her rights to admit such patient under their names.” “It was to groom the junior doctors,” he said.

    Dr Lalit Kapoor, founder member of Association of Medical Consultants and urologist, said, “Just because an opinion turns out wrong, can you hang me later? That too in this case the patient died over a year later. It must be explained that medicine is not an exact science. In India we criminalize medical negligence without a rigorous check.”

      Singhi said he has been advised to file a caveat before the Supreme Court. He said his late wife came to him in his dreams “and was full of gratitude”.