11.42 cr and counting… Is what B’lore paid in bribes

Country Pays Most Bribes For Land Documents;

Rich Haul After Lokayukta Raid

Aparajita Ray | TNN

     Bangalore: Citizens across 483 cities paid a whopping Rs 44.77 crore in bribes, to get their land documents, electricity connections, a seat in a preferred college or register their dream home. And all this in just 21 months.

    Ipaidabribe, the only forum for citizens to air their grievances when they grease palms, clocked 1 million hits as on May 31, 2012. Needless to say, it is the registration department which is the most corrupt, going by the 19,863 reports filed by citizens from across 483 Indian cities. Be it getting a vehicle registered or jumping a signal, getting a marriage certificate or registering a property, nothing seems to work without under-the-table payment.

       Citizens had the highest number of complaints against the registration department, where officials make a killing through bribes. In Bangalore, the department made Rs 6.29 crore, followed by the BBMP (Rs 1.69 crore) where people complained of having to grease palms to get their khatas or land documents. Although the corporation is cash-strapped, officials of BBMP and departments do cream off crores through bribes.

      These figures, while being representative of the malaise affecting society, is just the tip of the iceberg. A vast majority of bribe payers would not have registered their grievances online.

     In the data analyzed by the Jana Online team – an initiative of Janaagraha which handles the site – a shocking Rs 11.42 crore in bribes is lapped up by officials in 24 government departments in Bangalore. Interestingly, people claim to have even bribed gods, but the “offerings” are a mere Rs 4,200!

     The education department also made a cool Rs 42.73 lakh in giving seats and certificates. The passport office is yet another place where many people are harassed to get police verification done or over the renewal of visas. As many as 43 stories have been reported on the web page with grievances of having had to pay bribes, with the department mopping up Rs 61,500.

     Not very surprising, but the police department ranks only fourth as the highest bribe taking department in Bangalore, making Rs 26.65 lakh, but has recorded 1,422 complaints, the highest number reports on IPaB.

NO RELIEF IN SIGHT: Whether it’s to get khatas or land documents, officials in the registration department make a killing through bribes, say citizens

     Bangalore: On a tip-off by three men caught with Rs 1.31 crore cash, police alerted the Lokayukta about district registrar K Borappa’s wealth.

    On Tuesday, Lokayukta police swooped down on Borappa’s residence in Vijayanagar II Stage. The raid yielded a rich haul of documents pertaining to 20 properties, Rs 12.98 lakh in cash and 270 grams of gold. Searches are still on for his silver articles.

    Two of the 20 properties are in prime Bangalore localities: a site in Banashankari VI Phase and a two-storey building in Vijayanagar II Stage. The rest are four residential sites, two farmhouses, three poultry farms and nine agricultural plots — all in Davanagere district.
“The value we have taken of the properties is based on the sale agreements made at the time of registering them. The immovable properties might be valued ten times the original value at the present land price,” said a Lokayukta police officer.

     “We suspect that Borappa is the owner of more properties, and that he might have acquired property abroad, including in the US. We are questioning his close acquaintances and family members,” the officer, who was part of the raiding party, said.

     Other Lokayukta officials said that the list of seized properties is preliminary and based on documents seized from Borappa’s houses. “We are making an inventory of the properties.”