US Navy captain fired for raising coronavirus concerns

I have read a copy of the letter written by Capt Brett Crozier, a career officer in the US Navy, and Commanding the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

In my opinion Capt Crozier did what a commander is expected to do.

TR has a complement of more than 4000 officers and sailors. Based in San Diego, it had moved to Da Nang in Vietnam and on to Guam. Apparently a few of its crew had picked up the Corona Virus in Vietnam.

By the time it berthed in Guam the number of infected had risen. 
The crew of a war ship lives in extremely cramped quarters, where distancing and quarantine as is necessary to avoid rapid spread of infection Is simply not possible. 

Captain Crozier had written a very detailed letter to his superiors highlighting the existing conditions on board the ship and what he visualised would be the the problems of uncontrolled spread of the virus among the sailors. 

In his letter he has clearly mentioned that if there was a state of war TR would have proceeded as usual. However since a state of war was not present there was a need to offload infected sailors, and crew, leaving skeleton crew on board; carry out further testing etc.

Commander Crozier did NOT break any rules or conventions in highlighting the factual position on board of his ship TR.

USA under President Trump has been treating the entire Chinese Corona Virus in a cavalier manner. The administration has failed not only to take the issue seriously but also to create hindrances in the path of governors of various states, in their efforts to fight the pandemic.

Obiviously the Navy brass under its civilian secretary of defence did not have the courage to stand up for a commander who stood up for the welfare of his sailors.

Captain Crozier was relieved of his command unceremoniously, in an act that has brought shame to the US navy and President Trump. 
In view of the extremely hard blowback from American society, the Trump administration is now trying to soft peddle the issue.

In my opinion, Capt Crozier did his duty as is expected of a commanding officer.

Lawrence Korb, a former assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan Administration, said that “it is very unusual” for a ship captain — someone who is typically on a career track to become an admiral — to write such a letter.”

“It shows that this is a person who is putting the welfare of his sailors ahead of his career,” said Korb, a retired Navy captain ….” Exclusive: Captain of aircraft carrier with growing coronavirus outbreak pleads for help from Navy

Kolkata : Doctors in Government Hospitals On Strike

It is most unfortunate that junior government doctors in Kolkata have gone on strike. Doctors are fearing for their future safety and are compelled to ask for police protection just to do their job. Doctors are afraid to take up their posts, fearing beatings by political goons in future also.

Thousands of patients are suffering because the government refuses to provide basic security and protection to doctors. To defuse the situation Government of Mamta Bannerjee must immediately give protection to all doctors and call the doctors for a meeting.

Doctors in government hospitals across India are soft targets for netas and goondas. Patients are almost always in bad shape when they are brought into government hospitals, after home remedies have failed, local quacks have complicated matters, professional and qualified doctors in private practice or smaller hospitals have put their hands up on hopeless cases.

Government hospitals invariably overcrowded and understaffed. All doctors are over worked and stressed beyond limits due to haphazard working hours and very poor infrastructure and lack of minimum facilities in work place.

While anxiety is normal with persons accompanying a patient, many believe that doctors have the Duty and responsibility to ensure revival and survival of even cases DOA, and relations have a right to beat up doctors if the patients succumb inspite of best possible treatment.

Beating up doctors in government hospitals has become a regular affair in India. It happens almost every month in Delhi hospitals.

The latest incident in Kolkata is just a symptom of the real problems of poor infrastructure, understaffing, and sheer bullying attitudes.

It is indeed a terrible state of affairs if doctors who strive day and night to save patients have to beg for their own protection. Bullies and goondas beating up doctors must be arrested immediately and FIRs registered.

In this connection also see Attacking docs? Delhi must follow Karnataka

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Lalloo Laughs

Is  it true that Lalloo and his friends laughed on hearing the news of president of Peru committing suicide over a trivial matter.

Facing arrest for indulging in bribery.


Former Peruvian President Alan García has died after shooting himself as police arrived at his home to arrest him over bribery allegations.

Mr García was rushed to hospital in the capital, Lima. His death was confirmed by current President Martín Vizcarra.

A crowd of supporters gathered outside the hospital building, and were held back by a line of police officers.

Mr García was accused of taking bribes from Brazilian construction company Odebrecht – claims he denied.

Mr García served as president from 1985 to 1990 and again from 2006 to

Our Sportspersons Need Full Support

Shared from the 2018-09-06 The Times Of India – Delhi eEdition

Got no help from Delhi govt, says Asiad bronze medallist

‘Would Have Won Gold Had I Got Support’

New Delhi:

Asiad bronze medal-winning wrestler Divya Kakran stunned the audience at a felicitation ceremony in the presence of chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday, when she slammed the Delhi government for not providing her promised financial support to prepare for the competition.

The 20-year-old Delhi girl, who shifted to Uttar Pradesh last year, said she would have won gold at the recently concluded Jakarta Palembang Asian Games had she been given the support promised to her by Kejriwal after she had won a bronze at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games earlier this year.

Divya, whose father worked as a labourer, said she got nothing from the government despite writing a reminder letter to the CM and making calls to his office.

In a letter to the CM on May 5 this year, Divya had stated: “I need financial and infrastructure support to prepare for the Asiad. The government should take steps to provide better diet, travel, training and living space so that my enthusiasm to win medals for the country continues to be strong.”

“We are poor but we have huge determination. Everybody is supporting me now (after winning the medal), but nobody supported me when I needed support the most… If the government extends help during the period of preparation, we can give our 100% and win gold,” Divya told the CM at the event, where she was being felicitated along with 10 other sportspersons.

Kejriwal, in response, said although it was not the right occasion to count all the “obstacles” in the way of the AAP government’s functioning, many policies of his government had been stopped at the “top level”.


The CM awards Sakshi (Malik) 1 crore, but he doesn’t have time and money to recognise the talent of his own city girl. I have been struggling for funds… My father is a labourer and mother a housewife. What I had demanded from the CM was money to prepare for the Asiad.

What I got in return were empty promises. If I haven’t won a gold at the Asiad, it’s because of the Delhi government

— Divya Kakran Asiad bronze medallist in wrestling


The sports policy of Delhi had many drawbacks. The AAP government tried to improve it… The policies we have drafted so far have been somehow stopped at the top level for various reasons

— Arvind Kejriwal CM

‘Left Delhi for UP as I had no choice’

Kejriwal said Delhi’s sports policy had many drawbacks. “After coming to power, we tried to improve it. Many other players also informed us about the problems they are facing. The policies we have drafted so far have been somehow stopped at the top level for various reasons,” the CM said, indirectly blaming the LG.

A source in the LG office countered the charge, claiming, “No file related to providing financial assistance or facilities to sportspersons was sent by the AAP government to the LG for approval.”

Kejriwal stated that after SC judgment the government was able to implement the policies it had drafted. On August 28, the AAP government announced an increase in the reward amount for the medal winners of the 18th Asian Games in all the categories. The amount was increased to Rs 1 crore from Rs 20 lakh for gold medallists; Rs 75 lakh from Rs 14 lakh for silver medallists, and Rs 50 lakh from Rs 10 lakh for bronze medallists. The government has also doubled the cash incentive for trainers of medal winners from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 6 lakh, the CM said.

“We could do it only after the SC judgment which said that the elected government’s decisions were final and need not be sent to anybody for approval,” Kejriwal said.

Divya is a resident of East Gokulpuri near Loni in east Delhi. “CM (Kejriwal) would award Sakshi (Malik, Olympic bronze winner) Rs 1 crore, but he doesn’t have time and money to recognise the talent of his own city girl. I have been struggling for funds owing to my humble background. My father is a labourer and mother a housewife doing odd jobs like sewing clothes. We have been living in a rented flat. What I demanded from the CM was just funds to prepare for the Asiad. What I got were empty promises. If I haven’t won a gold at the Asiad, it’s because of the Delhi government,” Divya told TOI.

Divya said she had won more than 50 medals while representing Delhi. It was due to Delhi government’s ‘apathy’ that she started representing Uttar Pradesh.

“I didn’t have any other choice. Look at the governments of other states. In Haryana, athletes get Rs 3 crore for winning gold at the CWG and Asiad. Even for bronze, they get nothing less than Rs 1 crore. Odisha government gave Dutee Chand Rs 3 crore for her two silvers. Even UP is offering its Asiad gold medal winners Rs 50 lakh. What has the Delhi government given me?” she asked.

Divya said she was raising the issue for the sake of other upcoming wrestlers. “This fight is not about me. It is for all those women wrestlers from Delhi who have suffered at the hands of Delhi government. This fight is about making their future bright so they don’t suffer this official apathy,” she said.


Wrestler Divya Kakran celebrates after winning the 68kg bronze in Jakarta

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Andher Nagari : U P

Incidents like these are daily occurances. Culprits will be out in a couple of days on bail. Family of the murdered girl will be pressurised , shamed amd forced to move out.

Police will be bribed to go slow and soft on the criminals.

If at all,  some token punishment may be awarded to the arsonists. No deterrence to criminals in the society.




Shared from the 2018-09Inci-05 The Times Of India – Delhi eEdition

Meerut girl set on fire by stalkers dies


Over a fortnight after six youths barged into a teenager’s house in Meerut’s Sardhana town and set her on fire after she refused to speak to one of them over phone, the 14-year-old girl succumbed to her injuries at a hospital in Delhi on Tuesday.

On August 17, the stalkers had poured kerosene on the girl and set her on fire. With over 70% burn injuries, she was referred to Safdarjung Hospital.

There was palpable tension in the air of Sardhana as the news of her death arrived. Heavy police forces were deployed both at the burning ghat and outside the houses of the accused.

According to the complaint filed by the girl’s family, she was being harassed by the youths. They used to follow her daily on the way to tuition classes. On August 17, one of them allegedly gave her a mobile phone, saying that he would call her. The girl, however, told her parents about it and the youth was scolded when he called. While five were arrested by the Meerut police, one of the accused surrendered in a court on petty charges of illicit liquor. TNN

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Are Airlines Ganging up to Fleece Us?

There is something strange going on. An unpleasant ganging up by airlines to hike prices exhorbitantly.

The price of Deli Mumbai sector, Mumbai Kochi sector etc have more than doubled, across the board.  From around 10000/- for a round trip they are 18 to 20000/.

Is it because airlines want to please Modi, by offering cheap flights to the newly opened routes by subsidizing them by overcharging us?


Elections mean arm twisting by political parties for funds, of course with the understanding that prices can be hiked to any extent with no action against black marketeers.

Some may say it is holiday season, etc. But I found flights half empty when I flew to Mumbai and back, during the last few weeks.

Anyone ?



Rampant Crime Uttar Pradesh

Can things ever change  in UP? Are people destined to live for ever in a lawless state? How can loot and rape of its citizens happen regularly as daily occurrences?

Clearly the criminal justice system has broken down completely in Uttar Pradesh. Police are completely ineffective. Politicians have rendered the police ineffective. Judiciary has failed to deliver justice to victims. Criminals roam Scot free while innocents are harassed.



 02 2016 : The Times of India (Delhi)
Bulandshahr horror: Another rape at same spot just 12 days ago
.     This is not the first time such a case has happened here, say residents of Dostpur village where a gang of robbers raped a 35-year-old Noida woman and her teenage daughter after waylaying their car on Friday . According to the villagers, just 12 days ago a few men had “brought a woman in a tempo and gang-raped her late into the night“.

Crime has become rampant in this area as it is deserted with no street lights or police picket, locals say. Devraj Thakur, former pradhan of the village, told TOI on Monday , “We got the news and immediately reached the spot after which the men fled. The woman was distraught, dishevelled. We stopped a police vehicle passing by and handed over to them a mobile phone and some clothes that the men had left behind. The police pocketed the phone and left. They later told the woman to come to the police station. We don’t know what happened to her after that.She was in a bad shape and needed help from the police.“

Govindpal Singh, another village elder, said, “Rapes happen here every few months but everyone is not able to muster the courage to file a report with the police.Even police don’t file cases even as the dangerous stretch has become a safe haven for criminals who often target travellers here.Had the police been vigilant in its patrol, the crime could have been averted.“

Kuldeep Sharma, another resident of the village, added, “All this started after the highway came into existence 18 months ago. Rapes occur occasionally but incidents of loot and dacoity are becoming commonplace here.“

DIG (Meerut range) Lakshmi Singh, however, brushed aside these claims.“This is at best the rumour mill at work. We do admit there have been a few lapses. We are doing everything in our means to bring the culprits to justice.More than half a dozen cops have already been suspended. We want to send out a strong signal not only to erring cops but also to criminals that no one will be spared.“

Police sources told TOI that “two similar incidents“ had occurred in the district on May 7 and May 12 this year.The same modus operandi was used -something was thrown at the vehicle to stop it, the occupants led out at gunpoint and then robbed and assaulted. Police, though, on both occasions had registered cases of normal theft (under IPC’s sections 379 and 356). The culprits in both the incidents were not arrested


CBI SP Vivek Dutt Being Framed?

     As per news agency report an officer of the CBI Mr Vivek Dutt, has been arrested along with another inspector for ‘ taking bribe of Rs 7 lakh for settling a land dispute’ . The CBI has sought the removal of the officer from the extremely sensitive Coal Gate case that he is investigating.

      The officer has denied the charge, and his counsel has told the court ‘ that his client is being targeted and nothing has been recovered from his possession by the agency.

    “He is investigating an important case under the supervision of the Supreme Court and somebody wants him not to be the part of the probe team… This is simply a device to divert the attention that the investigation in the coal scam is vitiated and the officer is corrupt,”

      The history of the Coalgate report and the actions to change it clearly point the needle of suspicion to the Prime Minister himself . The highly sensitive case case has already claimed the the Law minister Ashwini Kumar , Additional Solicitor General Harin P. Raval , and thrown up a great deal of muck.

      Improper actions of the Attorney General G E Vanahvati , Babus from the PM’s secretariat and coal ministry and the arrogance and total disregard for norms of the govt in interfering with the report has left all right thinking Indians shocked. The abject condition of the ‘premiere investigating agency’ was an open secret all along, and so its abysmal self debasing conduct and tattered reputation is no surprise to anyone..

     What however is intriguing is the timing of the arrest of its senior officer Mr Dutt by the CBI and the rush to the Supreme Court to remove Mr Dutt from the Coal Gate investigations.

      The following scenarios come to mind.

                • The officer took a bribe to settle a case and the CBI has taken correct action.

• The officer has been taking bribes earlier also , but the CBI found his                           report on the Coalgate unhelpful to the government and wanted him shunted out. Since the Supreme court had prohibited the govt from interfering with the investigating officers this was the only option available ; to tarnish his reputation, and remove him.

         • The officer has impeachable integrity, so a case has been cooked up to tarnish his reputation and remove him.

     In the sorry state of affairs that exists today, official actions and statements are liable to be doubted at every step. The fact that the governments of the day have been known to foist cases on innocent persons and tarnish their reputation is well known.

      Vineet Narain who broke the Hawala Case, was hounded for years, Tehelka ‘s Editor and staff have faced innumerable raids and harassment, Officers like Khemka of Haryana and a host of others who have disclosed the ill gotten wealth of politicians have had to pay heavily for their sincerity and devotion to probity.

       So is it not possible that Mr Vivek Dutt is being framed?

Extracts from News reports

       CBI to move SC to seek removal of officer arrested for bribery

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday will move the Supreme Court to seek the removal of the officer who was arrested on Friday while taking a bribe of Rs 7 lakh for settling down a land dispute.

Superintendent of Police Vivek Dutt, along with Inspector Rajesh Karnatak and two others, was arrested by the internal vigilance unit of the CBI from Lodhi Colony area in south Delhi. Notably, Dutt was said to be an investigating officer in the coal scam.

“Dutt was taking bribe of Rs 7 lakh for settling down a land dispute related to the Delhi Police. He was accompanied by the inspector,” an agency official told a news agency.

“We had information about the dealing and we continued to maintain surveillance on them. After monitoring them for pretty long, today (Friday) they were arrested for taking the bribe”, CBI director Ranjit Sinha said.

Sinha further said that the CBI would apprise the apex court of the developments since the SC had ruled that no official associated with the investigation into the coal

CBI’s coalgate investigator arrested for taking bribe

In another embarrassment to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), two of its officers – Superintendent of Police Vivek Dutt, also the investigating officer in the coal block allocation scam, and Inspector Rajesh Karnatak – were arrested on Friday for accepting a bribe of Rs 7 lakh from a person. CBI’s internal vigilance department did the arrests. Sources said Dutt was trying to use his influence to help a person settle a case in connection with a land dispute.

CBI is under the scanner of the Supreme Court for sharing its coal allocation probe report with the former law minister, Ashwani Kumar, and two joint secretary-level officers, of the coal ministry and the prime minister’s office. The Supreme Court had rapped the CBI for being a “caged parrot speaking in its master’s voice.”

The latest development comes after the formation of a Group of Ministers to prepare a draft law to insulate CBI from external influence.
scam would be transferred without informing it.
Further investigations are on.

First Published: Saturday, May 18, 2013, 10:50

Arrested coalgate probe head alleges plot against him

    CBI SP Vivek Dutt, Inspector Rajesh Chandra Karnatak, 2 others are accused of taking bribe to favour a businessman in a land dispute

    Senior CBI officer Vivek Dutt, who headed the coalgate scam probe team, and three others were on Friday sent to three days in the agency’s custody by a Delhi court for allegedly taking a bribe of Rs. 7 lakh from a businessman to favour him in a land dispute case.

   “All the accused are remanded in CBI custody till 21 May,” Special CBI Judge V.K. Gupta said.

    Mr. Dutt, however, claimed innocence and alleged a conspiracy has been hatched to keep him out of the Supreme Court-monitored coalgate probe team.

He said Mr. Dutt is being targeted as there is no direct involvement of the CBI’s SP and nothing has been recovered from him.
“You (CBI) are diluting the important investigation which the whole country is seeing…You are diluting the probe which is being monitored by the Supreme Court,” the counsel said.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Colorful with Caste Calculations and Lunatic Fringe


Elections in the sub continent are always colorful. In Pakistan of 2013 it is  more so with the people full of life if not joy at the never before prospect of voting in an election not distorted by the ISI and the Army. And a civilian government which has run a full term of 5 years, never before has this happened.

      Even if the Army is not directly interfering this time its presence will be felt in every booth. Gen Kayani has offered ‘protection’ by the army of every booth.

      Baddies this time are the Taliban and other fanatic organisations who have openly declared that they will adopt any means to ensure that the elections are not held. Repeated bomb blasts at election meetings , murders and kidnapping of candidates indicate that they have  the capacity to create a great deal of fear among the candidates and the public.

        The latest is the abduction of Haider Ali Gilani, son of former PM Yousuf Raza Gilani in his home constituency in the outskirts of Multan. The abduction was not a an amateur or ham handed affair, clearly planned and organised by professional terrorists.

       Nawaz Sharif is expected to reap the maximum number of seats, however PML -S will not have a clear majority. Najam Sethi the caretaker in Punjab has moved out a great many beauracrats who would have helped Sharif to influence the voting pattern.

      PPP is on the back foot this time. With many allegations of corruption and mis-governance. Death threats forced Bilawal to opt out. Candidates are afraid to campaign freely.


IMRAN KHAN while he may have won the world cup in cricket for Pakistan has no real experience  of Pakistani politics. How far his image of a honest person boosted by his recent hospitalization due to an injury received while campaigning will bring in votes is yet to be seen.

Nigel Evans : As a Minister he would have been safe in India

This guy should have been in India. No policeman would have dared touch him.

Even if the allegations are true he would have been shielded by the prime minister, all his cabinet collegues, and his party men.


       Deputy speaker of Britain’s lower house of parliament and Conservative gay lawmaker Nigel Evans has been arrested by police for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting two men in their twenties.

     Detectives visited his home in Pendleton, Lancashire, yesterday following allegations by two men who were in their 20s at the time of the alleged attacks, which are said to have taken place at the property in July 2009 and March 2013. British Prime Minister

      David Cameron, the Prime Minister of UK is understood to have been informed about the arrest of the 55-year-old MP for Ribble Valley, one of the few Tory strongholds in the north – See more at: