Return of Commander Jhadav from Pakistani Custody

    I have given a brief Reply already to question on IJC and Indian diplomacy. #

India has consistently maintained that Commander Jhadav is not in anyway connected with any espionage agency, and has been kidnapped by Pakistan from Iran. Pakistan has for purely propaganda purposes branded him as a spy, subjected him to torture, and had an illegitimate and unlawful order passed for his execution. India then upstaged Pakistan by taking up the issue in the IJC, and in 2017 got an order restraining Pakistan from executing Commander Jhadav.

At present Jhadav is still in Pakistani custody.

In such cases,

  1. Pakistan can hold him as long as possible, even after finalisation of the case in IJC, and release him as a ‘good will measure’ at some future date to extract maximum propaganda mileage ( Wg Cdr Abhinandan affair).

2. Swap or exchange him for one or more Pakistani spies / terrorists in Indian custody.

3. Keep Jhadav indefinitely in custody.

4. Execute officially.

5. Allow Jhadav to die ‘accidentally’ , or due to denial of medical attention.

Regarding When will Commander Jhadav be returned to India, based on prior international incidents involving alleged and real spies, the possibilities appear to indicate a return of Commander Jhadav, though it is difficult state when. &&

In view of the publicity received in this case, Pakistan may hesitate to execute or do away with Commander Jhadav. However his continuous custody will be reflected as a weakness of the Indian government, viewed positively by Pakistani populace, a great plus point for Pakistani state run by the Pakistani army,

Pakistan will hold him as a trump card in every discussion on any matter with India.

It will be upto Indian government and its agencies to bring pressure on Pakistan to release Commander Jhadav. Surely Government of India and its agencies must be working hard, through different channels in their own way, to obtain his release.

Once he is released he may return back to his civil life in India, as a normal citizen. May even get some compensatory grant from the government.

All in all, it is the first time that the Indian government has taken so much effort for an Indian citizen in Pakistani custody. A great move forward. considering how the earlier governments have left more than 50 POWS from as far back as 1971, languishing in Pakistani prison.

#.      Finally, International Court of Justice stayed the execution of            Kulbhushan Yadav. How do you see this decision? Is it another              feather in India’s diplomacy?

&&.    Spy swap: US and Russia hand over agents in full media glare