Rahul GandhI and Parsees

Open letter to RAGA by a Parsi Gentleman*
Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi,
I am forced to write this to you, since you have crossed all limits of a gentleman. I do agree that you politicians drag each other into your dirty political mud. But my question is why did you drag in a gentleman who has done this nation proud.

   During your recent various visits to Gujarat, I have observed that in each of your rallies you have mentioned this Parsi gentleman’s name. Do you even know what sort of person he is? Have you even thought of the loss which you will have to bear by dragging this Parsi gentleman’s name into your dirty politics? See the grace of this man, that he has not even bothered to react to your constant poking. That is the brand value he has. In each of the rallies you are actually putting fingers into his mouth and waiting in the hope that he will react; but please try to understand that he is above all this.

   If we common people can understand this, how come you can’t? This induces me to believe that our PM’s view regarding your IQ is absolutely correct. Every morning you shouted in Gujarat that Modi gave 33,000 crores to that gentleman free of cost. Do you even think before you speak? Please go through the Tata Motors statement regarding your rubbish. I personally feel that Tata Motors Ltd. too should have refrained from issuing a statement with regards to your comments, as the world knows what the Tata legacy is. For a change, even if I assume that the Tata’s were given free land, then there is nothing wrong, after all the Tata Trust does good charity for the society. It is better to give land to Tata’s instead of Robert Vadra as at least the profits generated by Tata companies will be used for charity; whereas we know of the nature of funds in your family.

   Today, as we go for the first round of polls, my only request is please show remorse for your statements. We Parsis may be very less in numbers to affect your vote bank but there are many sympathy bearers for us in other communities and they will surely react and affect your results. I know that this will not make a big impact on results as you have people like Mani Shankar Iyer who are sufficient to ensure that you loose. But by taking back this statement, you will atleast get some bonus points. We Parsis consider India as our motherland so how can we think of selling the same. It’s a pitty that you think so lowly (Please contact Mani Iyer for the meaning of low) of a person (Tata) who celebrated this Diwali by donating 1000 crores for Cancer hospitals, whereas you were celebrating Diwali out of India. Hope you will apologise after reading this & prove that you are not a Pappu.

_*Parsis are just 0.1% of total population, or maybe even less……YET…..*_

*They never asked for minority status.*
*They never asked for reservations.*
*They never f​ight​ with Indian Government. *
*They never felt threatened by Hindus.*
*They never throw bombs or stones or damage public property.*
*They never indulge in crimes or run the underworld.*

All they do is to contribute mightily to the progress of India.

They gave us the best…..
Mr. Dadabhoy Naoroji
​Mr. J R D Tata​
Mr. Firozshah Mehta
Mr. Bhikaji Cama
Mr. Ratan Tata
Mr. Adi Godrej
Mr. Cyrus Mistry
Mr. Homi Bhabha
Mr. Homi Sethna
Mr. Zubin Mehta
Mr. Nari Contractor
Mr. Nani Palkhiwala
Mr. Farokh Engineer
Mr.Soli Sorabjee
Ms. Persis Khambata
Ms. Daizy Irani
Mr. Homi Wadia
Mr. Rustom Karanjia
Mr. Dinshaw Petit
Mr. Shapurji Pallonji
Mr. Rusy Mody
Mr. Boman Irani
Ms.Perizad Zorabian
Mr. Cyrus Poonawala
Mr. Shyamak Dawar
Mr. Cyrus Bharucha
Ms. Bachi Karkaria
Mr. Busybee
Mr. Keki Mistry
Mr. Bejan Daruwala
Mr. Mehraboon Irani…
the list is endless….
_*and above all, the one and only*_ * FIELD MARSHAL SAM MANEKSHAW*‼️

Each Indian loves & respects the
Parsis…they are a beautiful People…A beautiful and dignified race….
I wish we had more of the Parsis who could teach our other greedy minorities as to what minority really means……
It means NOT to be a parasite or a leech on the host country…
It means to give, & NOT to take…
All those who are asking for minority status, then and today, ought to be ashamed of themselves….
You owe a lot to this nation. Pay back, rather than asking from the nation.

_*Kindly circulate this. Let it reach to all those who are a minority and who are still asking for ​special status.*_

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