As received. Makes lot of sense.
Hindus can tolerate
500 years Muslim rule
200 years British rule
60 years Family rule
10 years Italian lady rule
But not 3 years of Hindu rule?😬

CA Vinod Arya

If Modi fails in his fight againt corruption and black money, no PM of India will have the courage to take this issue again on his agenda for next 100 years and corrupt politicians, beaurocrates, police, criminals and businessman will keep looting this country as their birth right. So it is the duty of every resposible citizen to stand in support of PM Modi and fail the evil design of corrupt people to incite violence and create anarchy.
If we fail to do our duty today, our children and grandchildren will never forgive us, will hold us responsible for not giving them a clean India. If you agree, please send this message to all your contacts.
I am *NOT in Politics* and as of now, I have *no plans to get into Politics, but there will be people who may consider this post to be Politically motivated. My *Humble apologies in advance.*

I was wondering why are so many people against our *Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi*. I noticed that this started after *Demonetization* and keeping that in mind, I was thinking who could be *people who will be affected by Demonetization*.

I was shocked to discover that here are following categories of people who will feel the impact more than anyone-

*1. Educational Institutions* – They used to get all Capitation fee in cash and most of it unaccounted.

*2. Terrorist Organisation* – Their Funding is under stress

*3. Fake Currency Dealers* – With stress on Digital Economy, they are under Major Stress

*4. Real Estate Mafia* – We all know that a Big Part of payment had to be made in Cash and now they find it difficult to account for unaccounted cash

*5. Hawala Dealers* – With almost all the money in account and a close watch on withdrawals, *they won’t mind killing Modi*

*6. Fake Trusts and Charities* – They have been used for Money laundering and with the stopping of large donations by cash, they are unable to fulfill their primary agenda

7. Politicians* – Less said, better it is. Just look at almost NIL SCAM in last 3+ years is a Proof that many Politicians including BJP members are unhappy with Modi. They expected Modi to be like earlier Prime Ministers and close his eyes.

*8. Rich Agriculture Land Owners* – With most of the subsidy connected to Bank accounts, they are getting exposed.
*9. Film industry* – It’s a well known fact that it uses a lot of Black Money and except for Genuine Film makers, others are suffering.

*10. Sports & Other kind of Betting* – We know Lthat gambling (Except Lottery) is banned and still there was a *turnover of USD 150 Billion*.

Please understand that *these industries employ some of the Most Brilliant minds* in the country and they will leave no stone unturned to make sure that Modi does not get a second term.

Now it’s for us, *as responsible citizens, to decide whether we want to support the above 10 Categories of people or to support ourselves*.