Terrible & Shameful: Trafficking in Women

‘Data from NGOs revels that every year 60,000 Nepalese girls are brought into India for prostitution’ TOI

A Syndicate run by Aafaq Hussain and his wife Saira Begum have trafficked more than 5000 girls from Nepal, remote areas of West Bengal, Orissa, Karnataka Assam, Andhra and other states. They used to sell them for uptown Rs two lakhs.

‘ Once brought to kotahs of GB road, the first were often confined to almirahs, and tunnels and forced to entertain clients in small cubicles, police said’. Saira Begun controlled the racket which was extremely organised and managed by nayikas, paid managers their assistants and traffickers.

Trafficking on such large scale over decades couldn’t have been possible without passive/ active support of individuals in the criminal justice system.

The couple has amassed property of over 300 crores.

As per news reports charge sheet has been filed.

Will these inhuman criminals be punished?

Where is justice for the thousands of victimised women?