Rampant Crime Uttar Pradesh

Can things ever change  in UP? Are people destined to live for ever in a lawless state? How can loot and rape of its citizens happen regularly as daily occurrences?

Clearly the criminal justice system has broken down completely in Uttar Pradesh. Police are completely ineffective. Politicians have rendered the police ineffective. Judiciary has failed to deliver justice to victims. Criminals roam Scot free while innocents are harassed.



 02 2016 : The Times of India (Delhi)
Bulandshahr horror: Another rape at same spot just 12 days ago
.     This is not the first time such a case has happened here, say residents of Dostpur village where a gang of robbers raped a 35-year-old Noida woman and her teenage daughter after waylaying their car on Friday . According to the villagers, just 12 days ago a few men had “brought a woman in a tempo and gang-raped her late into the night“.

Crime has become rampant in this area as it is deserted with no street lights or police picket, locals say. Devraj Thakur, former pradhan of the village, told TOI on Monday , “We got the news and immediately reached the spot after which the men fled. The woman was distraught, dishevelled. We stopped a police vehicle passing by and handed over to them a mobile phone and some clothes that the men had left behind. The police pocketed the phone and left. They later told the woman to come to the police station. We don’t know what happened to her after that.She was in a bad shape and needed help from the police.“

Govindpal Singh, another village elder, said, “Rapes happen here every few months but everyone is not able to muster the courage to file a report with the police.Even police don’t file cases even as the dangerous stretch has become a safe haven for criminals who often target travellers here.Had the police been vigilant in its patrol, the crime could have been averted.“

Kuldeep Sharma, another resident of the village, added, “All this started after the highway came into existence 18 months ago. Rapes occur occasionally but incidents of loot and dacoity are becoming commonplace here.“

DIG (Meerut range) Lakshmi Singh, however, brushed aside these claims.“This is at best the rumour mill at work. We do admit there have been a few lapses. We are doing everything in our means to bring the culprits to justice.More than half a dozen cops have already been suspended. We want to send out a strong signal not only to erring cops but also to criminals that no one will be spared.“

Police sources told TOI that “two similar incidents“ had occurred in the district on May 7 and May 12 this year.The same modus operandi was used -something was thrown at the vehicle to stop it, the occupants led out at gunpoint and then robbed and assaulted. Police, though, on both occasions had registered cases of normal theft (under IPC’s sections 379 and 356). The culprits in both the incidents were not arrested


Andher Nagari: Uttar Pradesh

        The largest state in India has been reduced to a pitiable state by Mulayam Singh and his son. Loot, rape and murder have become routine.  An extract from the HT on the latest in the endless scenes of shame in Utter Pradesh.

Justice or suicide for us now: Bulandshahr rape victims’ kin

  • HT Correspondents


  • Updated: Aug 02, 2016 09:56 IST

NOIDA/BULANDSHAHR: ANoida-based man whose wife and minor daughter were gang-raped by highway robbers in Uttar Pradesh said on Monday that the family of three will commit suicide if police fail to give them justice in three months.

“My daughter and my wife are not in a position to speak. For 18 years we have lived in Noida and now we are not able to return to our homes because of the shame. I appeal to the Noida Police to deliver me justice. I give them an ultimatum of three months. Post that, we will commit suicide,” he told newsmen.

The ultimatum by the family comes amid allegations of police laxity that allowed the gang to waylay five members of the family on the Ghaziabad-Aligarh highway on Friday night when they were headed to their native place in Shahjahanpur in a car.

The gang looted cash and other valuables before dragging the 13-year-old girl and her mother to a roadside field and raped them, the family said in its complaint.

“Two people raped my wife and daughter. My elder brother’s wife was spared because the rapists thought she was too old. We even appealed to them to kill us before they rape them…then they started beating us…They also took Rs 21,000 and jewellery from us,” he said.

The crime in Bulandshahr has shocked the country and raised questions about law and order and the role of police in the state. The UP government has suspended seven policemen and set up a 300-member task force that arrested three suspects on Monday. They were remanded in police custody for two weeks.

The family said the initial response of police on Saturday morning was “pathetic” and that a police van had driven past the spot during the assault.

The uncle of the minor said when they called the police helpline 100, the emergency helpline was busy at first and then no one picked up for a long time. They then contacted a relative in Noida and after some time, the local police station called on their phone.

But then, the officer on the other side of the line repeatedly asked questions instead of rescuing the family.