The Great Panjabi Vanishing Trick : This is a good time to be an illegal immigrant in US

          The attraction of Englind, Kanaida and Amreeka is extremely strong in the land of five rivers. ‘Disappearances’ of visitors , students and sportsmen from Punjab are  a regular feature. There is nothing much to be worried about. Understand that ‘arrangements’ are made in advance and disappearees land up at safe places located by their relatives who have migrated by the dozens earlier. 

     Their numbers pale into insignificance when compared to illegal migrants from Mexico and Eastern Europe, China and far eastern countries. 

    They are generally hard-working, law-abiding and good citizens of the countries they migrate into.

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Posted on December 25, 2011


Students on US trip ‘disappear’

I P Singh | TNN

       Jalandhar: Seven students from three schools here ‘disappeared’ during a study tour to the US and didn’t return home along with the others in the group after the visit ended on April 23.

     About 50 class 11 and 12 students had gone on an “education trip” from April 11 to April 23 organized by a Delhi-based company. Of the seven ‘missing’ children, three each are from State Public School, Nakodar, and State Public School, Shahkot, while one is from Emm Aar International School, Adampur.

    Interestingly, their family members have not lodged any ‘missing’ report, leading the principals to allege that the students “may have stayed back in the US in connivance of their parents”.
“The US authorities have been informed but the students still have valid visas to be in the country,” said Narottam Singh, chairman of State Public School, Nakodar.