Net fraud: Masterminds blocking SIMs are abroad

Times News Network

      New Delhi: The net banking fraud in which bank accounts are emptied after a person’s sim card gets deactivated is the handiwork of a gang and the masterminds are some foreign-based computer experts who hack into people’s account through phishing, an online fraud. The foreign nationals were getting 35% of the amount while the ones who opened the bank accounts under a fake name were being given up to 50%. The rest of the amount was being divided between the foot soldiers.

     The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police arrested two people in this regard and they spilled the beans. “The gang would procure details of bank accounts of the victims to gain access through internet and transfer money to other accounts. Usually, the sim card of the victim’s mobile would also be deactivated by the gang fraudulently during the time of the transactions,” said Sandeep Goyal, joint CP, EOW. Those arrested are Mirza Ali alias Sanjay Soni(39)of Maharashtra and Pritam Mishra (27) of Ghaziabad.

     “A complaint about an unauthorized transaction was receivedfrom Dr VijayKher, a resident of Defence Colony. He alleged that a person had transferred Rs 20 Lakh from his account through fraudulent online transactions on October 19. His mobile phone had also got inactive during this period. He said he came to know about the cheating after he re-activated his phone and received a message from his bank,” Goyal said.

      A probe revealed that a large numbers of account holders in different banks in Delhi and other cities had been cheated by this gang. An elaborate investigation through IP address logs and other clues, along with discreet enquiries, led the police to identify the suspects.

    The modus  operandi was simple: the fraudsters would submit an application to the service provider to block the sim and a duplicate sim wouldbeissuedin placeofthe original one. After activating the duplicate sim,the accused would access the account of the victim on internet using the details already available with them like user id and password.
At the time of request of transaction for transfer of money, the bank would automatically generate a onetime-password (OTP) which would be received through SMS on the duplicate sim. The rest was simple.

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