Doctors Fear Giving Advice: Fear Legal Imbbraglio

Doctors back surgeon, fear giving advice

Swati Deshpande TNN

      Mumbai: Leading surgeons in the city are upset over the recent Bombay high court judgment upholding the conviction against cancer surgeon Dr P BDesai for negligence.

     The case was of a cancer patient Leela Singhi, wife of then IAS officer from Rajasthan, P C Singhi. She was admitted to Bombay Hospital in December 1987 as a patient of Dr Desai by his junior Dr A K Mukherjee. She, on Dr Desai’s advice, was set up for a surgical procedure to remove her uterus but when Dr Mukherjee found it was not possible on opening the abdomen, he closed it on Desai’s advice from an adjoining OT where he was operating on another patient. For three months Leela remained in the hospital suffering in pain. She died 14 months later in Rajasthan

      Senior doctors say they now fear giving a second opinion to a patient of another doctor or when a patient is sent to them for referral. “There are two kinds of emotions that are running high,” said Dr Tehemton Udwadia, who is regarded as the father of laproscopic surgery in India and is associated with Hinduja and Breach Candy hospitals.

     “One is agitation
ties said Dr Farookh Udwadia, one of the seniormost physicians in Mumbai. “I would be hesitant to give opinions now. Opinions can change depending on a patient’s condition which when the case is terminal can keep changing.”

      Dr Tehmton said, “It was a unique and prehistoric practice of admitting patients only under the senior doctor’s name that has affected Dr Desai.” Dr D P Vyas, medical director of Bombay Hospital, backed the claim.

      He had told the court about the hospital’s procedure of allowing an assistant attached to a senior doctor to have his own independent patient but to not give him or her rights to admit such patient under their names.” “It was to groom the junior doctors,” he said.

    Dr Lalit Kapoor, founder member of Association of Medical Consultants and urologist, said, “Just because an opinion turns out wrong, can you hang me later? That too in this case the patient died over a year later. It must be explained that medicine is not an exact science. In India we criminalize medical negligence without a rigorous check.”

      Singhi said he has been advised to file a caveat before the Supreme Court. He said his late wife came to him in his dreams “and was full of gratitude”.

SIM CARDS: Perverts and Terrorists & Criminals Have Easy Access

SMS perverts use fake papers to hoodwink cops

V Narayan TNN

Mumbai: The incessant ringing of her cellphone in the dead of the night woke up Reema (name changed) from her deep slumber. The Chembur resident, who works as an executive with a private firm, answered the phone, only to hear the maniacal laughter of aman. A few days later, Reema received an obscene text message from the same number. To make matters worse, Reema’s two female flatmates also started receiving vulgar SMSes from the same number. They then approached the police. “The man told us the cops will never find him as he had procured six SIM cards using fake documents,” said Reema.

     The cops traced the number to a Goregaon man and learnt that he was unaware that his papers had been used to obtain the SIM card.

     Reema and her flatmates are not alone. Many women are still waiting for the perverts, who harassed them through obscene SMSes and emails, to be brought to justice. Investigators, too, admit that very rarely do such persons get caught. “Mobile service providers do not thoroughly check documents while giving out SIM cards. This negligent approach helps the perverts get away with their crime,” said an officer.

    According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Mumbai has the maximum number of registered cases of sexual harassment or obscenity through SMS, MMS or email.

Between 2007 and 2012 (till August), 84 such cases were registered in the city. When it comes to states, Maharashtra, too, doesn’t fare better. The NCRB data shows Maharashtra has the third highest number of such cases (169) registered in the country in the same period.

    JCP (crime) Himanshu Roy said, “We will take up the matter with the information technology ministry so that proper action is taken against erring service providers.”

     A spokesperson of a leading telecom operator said the cops were trying to pass the buck by blaming operators. Times View: Crack the whip B oth service providers and cops need to be more proactive when it comes to helping victims of online/mobile sexual harassment. The trauma that the victim goes through should not be compounded by official apathy and the gloves should be off while dealing with these predators. They are a real enough menace though they may be operating in the virtual world.

1984 Riots: 28th Anniversary

’84 riots: Rights group starts campaign

    New Delhi: As the 28th anniversary of the 1984 anti-sikh riots draws near, many human rights groups have come together to “stir” the government in order to secure punishment for those responsible.

     Launching a two-week plan, several groups like Lok Raj Sangathan, Socialist Yuvajan Sabha, the Sikh Forum, etc came together on Friday to make an appeal to the government to bring justice to the families of those who lost their lives in the carnage. For the first time, a photo-exhibition — depicting the scenes of the riots — is going to be held in the capital. From October 21, the human rights groups will begin a ‘mobile photo exhibition’ from Jalianwala Bagh in Punjab and will reach capital on October 30.

    “A petition has been signed by many prominent citizens, including former Justice Krishna Iyer. It will be released online for obtaining signatures in support thereof. This petition will then be sent to the Prime Minister,” said lawyer H S Phoolka, who has been fighting for the families of the victims.

      The group will also hold a candlelight vigil on November 3. TNN


     Here are two cases of fraud perpetrated on innocents, using E Banking facilities. Touted by banks as most convenient (actually they want to reduce foot falls in banks so that they can save on staff),  and adopted by executives who are unable to visit banks personally due to various reasons, E banking is a double edged weapon 

    Customers should preferably not hold large  amounts in accounts which are E Banking enabled.


55 lakh siphoned from bank account

Victim’s SIM Was Deactivated Before Fraud

Dwaipayan Gosh & Raj Sekhar : TNN

     New Delhi: Last Tuesday, when Smita Singh and her husband Gautam Arora visited their bank to deposit a cheque, they came to know that Gautam had lost almost Rs 55 lakh in an online fraud believed to have been committed by a gang that has cheated several other people in the capital.

      As per the couple’s statement, the fraud was committed last month, a day after they furnished their account information and other details to the bank for a home loan. “We have registered a case and are in touch with HDFC Bank in this regard,’’ said joint CP (Economic Offences Wing) Sandeep Goel.

     Speaking to TOI, Smita said, “My husband has operated this account with HDFC for almost two years, and recently took a loan from HDFC Ltd. The loan amount of Rs 46 lakh was credited to his personal account on September 9, and the entire amount available in the account — Rs 54,94,254 — was siphoned off within 5-7 days”.

     The gang’s methods were similar to those of another busted by south district police last week — the accused would deactivate the victim’s mobile number by reporting its loss before emptying his account through net banking.

      The gang busted last week connived with a bank executive, who provided them with the customer ID and the password (i-pin) of the customer’s net banking operations. Armed with these details the accused scanned their target’s Facebook profile and other social networking profiles to obtain photographs and personal details. Using the image, the gang would forge an ID card of the target and then report the loss of his mobile phone, leading to deactivation of the number.

     Later, the gang would get a new SIM issued for the number by showing the fake ID card. In this way, the gang would get the victim’s transaction alerts while he would not. In Gautam’s case, his mobile number registered with the bank was deactivated twice. The second time after he got a new SIM.

     A day after TOI contacted HDFC Bank about the case, on Wednesday, it replied that a full scale investigation has found its employees were not involved. “We have looked into the case and have found nothing to suggest any procedural lapse on the part of the bank. We’d like to state that our processes and procedures are foolproof and do not lend themselves to any manipulation or compromise whatsoever.

      However, it would not be appropriate at this stage to comment on whether there has been a compromise at the customer’s end,’’ an HDFC statement said.

      The couple, who have lost most of their savings, are running from pillar to post to get their money back. “We first went to Sarojini Nagar police station and they said the case was to be registered at the Hauz Khas police station. When we went there, we were sent back to Sarojini Nagar. The Sarojini Nagar SHO told us to visit the cyber crime cell on Lodhi Road. From there, we were finally guided to the EOW on Mandir Marg.”

       The EOW of crime branch has lodged a case of cheating with charges under the stringent IT Act. “We are investigating all angles. The bank officials have been contacted and details are being obtained. We expect a breakthrough soon,” said a senior police officer.

Man loses 5L in e-banking

      New Delhi: Two days after TOI reported the case of a south Delhi businessman from whose account crooks siphoned off Rs 55 lakh; another businessman from Safdarjung Enclave was duped in a similar way. Pankaj Kumar Bhasin, police said, has an account in Axis Bank in Green Park and had activated his internet banking facility on this account.

     On October 5, his number got deactivated all of a sudden. He approached the Vodafone store to fix the problem but came to know that a person had already got a new SIM issued in their name after reporting the loss, police said.

     By the time, they received their SIM back, Rs 5,48,300 had already been transferred to another account. The shocked couple approached the bank for details who confirmed to them the transaction ‘they’ had carried and also provided them with the transferee’s account number. A case was then registered. TNN