Indian Jews To Celebrate New Year

Jews to ring in their new year today


      Mumbai: The small but proud Jewish community of Mumbai will celebrate its new year Rosh Hashannah on Monday at a feast laden with sweet food items led by apple and honey.
Special prayers will be organized at all synagogues in the city, including Keneseth Eliyahoo at Kala Ghoda and Magen David in Byculla.

       Israeli consul general Orna Sagiv says there are 5,000 Jews in India, of which more than half are in Mumbai, 40% in Thane and the rest scattered in Ahmedabad and Cochin. “The
celebrations began on Sunday afternoon and although the main festival falls on Monday, the Israeli consulate and embassy will remain closed until Wednesday owing to Ganesh Chaturthi,” she says.

     Sagiv said the Jewish community lays out an elaborate feast comprising only sweet itemsto hold out promise for the new year. “Because ours is a small community, we consume pomegranate seeds and fish, items that symbolize abundance and fertility. Also there is the spirally round Challah bread whose shape conveys the cycle of life,” she says.

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