RAJ Thakre: Hero to Zero

Nitish tears into ‘sir phira’ Raj

Says His Threats A Test For Maha, Centre

Faizan Ahmad TNN

Patna:Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday called Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray a ‘sir phira’ (crazed) for his statement that people from Bihar were “infiltrators” into Mumbai.

     Nitish also said that Raj’s threats were a challenge to the authority of the Prithviraj Chauhanled Maharashtra government as well as the central government.

      “If these governments cannot take on such a person, it is anybody’s guess how they would tackle the bigger threat of terrorism,” said an angry Nitish.

     He was particularly critical of the Congress led Maharashtra government and said, “It appears that the state government has outsourced governance and is shying away from its responsibilities.” The CM was addressing a press conference at the Janata Dal United (JD(U)) office in Patna.

      Reacting to Thackeray’s threat of throwing out people belonging to Bihar out of Mumbai, Nitish said, “Nobody on earth can do this and play with the dignity of Biharis, or for that matter Indians.”

       Nitish said the Bihar director general of police has written to the Mumbai police commissioner over the arrest of a wanted person from Sitamarhi, without taking the local police into confidence.

      There are established rules for making arrests in other states and there is also a circular of the Union home ministry, but in this case the rules were violated. “Instead of any police officer of Maharashtra speaking on this issue, an ‘aira-gaira’ (worthless person) is speaking,” he said.

     The CM said the politics of such people was based on provocation and hatred and that they survive only on negative publicity.

      “They stage-managed the violence by beating up some taxi drivers, shooting the incident and circulating its CDs to news channels,” he added.

     “If these fabricated CDs are not shown on TV channels, their shops will shut down,” he added, reacting to Raj Thackeray’s latest threat to Hindi news channels. “I don’t want to join issues with such a person,” he said without taking Raj’s name.

     The CM expressed satisfaction over the all-round condemnation of the MNS chief, and said that all parties were united on the issue since it was related to the pride of Biharis as well as the people of other states who have a constitutional right to work and live in any part of the country without anybody’s permission.

DAGGERS DRAWN: Nitish (above) said an ‘ a i r a – g a i r a’ (worthless) person was being allowed to speak on the issue