Road Rage : A tragedy in Mumbai

Mumbai woman thrashed after accident, loses baby

V Narayan TNN

    Mumbai: A 35-year-old woman suffered a miscarriage after being kicked and thrashed by four members of a family, including two women, in full public view on a busy road in Mumbai’s Kurla (W). The victim, Vidya Pednekar, a nurse, cried for help but none of the onlookers came to her assistance, said the police. The woman was assaulted after she rebuked one of the accused when his motorcycle hit her.

      Based on descriptions provided by Pednekar, the police arrested Rahul Satpute (23). They are looking for the other accused — Satpute’s mother Rajeshwari (40), sister Shraddha (18) and cousin Pappu Kanade (20) — who fled after the incident.

     The victim had conceived six years into her marriage after opting for a test tube baby.

     Pednekar was on her way to work when the bike hit her from behind. While Satpute was riding the bike, his mother and sister were sitting pillion. “I was in pain and shouted at the biker for rash driving. Suddenly, the two women charged at me and started hitting me. Worse, the youth kicked me in my stomach,” Pednekar said.

     The assault did not stop there. As Pednekar fell on the road, Kanade — who was passing by — joined the Satputes and the four kept hitting her. “According to eyewitnesses, the accused left the spot only after they felt they had thrashed her enough,” said a police officer.

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