Terrorism: Innocent Muslim Youth Lured

‘Terror groups lure Muslim youth’

Mohammed Wajihuddin TNN 

Mumbai: The increasing arrests of educated Muslim youth from Bihar on terror charges is a cause of concern for the Muslim intelligentsia. Muslim scholars have started airing their views both in private and in publicon the “frenzy” with which educated Muslim youth are being picked up for alleged terror activities.

       The concern is also deep because most of the recent arrests have been made from north Bihar, especially Darbhanga, a backward district. In the last one year intelligence agencies have arrested 14 Muslim youth from Bihar, mostly from Darbhanga.

       The detention of Fasih Mahmood, an engineer from Darbhanga, in Saudi Arabia, is the latest proof that IM has widened its trap and might have succeeded in radicalizing a section of the educated Muslim youth. “There is a trust deficit among Indian Muslims about what the agencies say regarding involvement of Muslim youth in terrorism. If Indian Mujahideen really exists and is radicalizing educated Muslim boys, they are the biggest enemy of Indian Muslims,” says Mohibul Haque, political scientist at Aligarh Muslim University.

      Many are dismayed at the existence of a ‘Bihar module’. “The districts in Bihar from where these Muslim boys have been picked up are backward. Most of the arrested terror accused are educated. Their arrest will halt the stride Muslims had taken in education and employment post-Babri masjid demolition. The resurgence in Muslims’ educational advancement will be affected by these arrests,” said Urdu columnist Hasan Kamaal.

     Fasih studied engineering at a college in Karnataka where is he said to have come in contact with IM members. “Muslims will have to be vigilant about terror ideologues looking for fresh recruits. There is no reason why youths should join terror organizations and become mercenaries of death as they have not faced any serious discrimination,” says Firoz Ahmed who teaches at Akbar Peerbhoy College.

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