Bengaluru: BDA fools Innocent Citizens

I’m 67. Will I live TO SEE MY SITE?

BDA Chief Doesn’t Turn Up To Meet Arkavathy Allottees


Bangalore: “I am 67 years old. I have been working all my life to realize a dream of living in my own house. But I don’t know whether I’ll even live to see my dream plot,” said J Madhava Rao. He was allotted a 30 ft x 40 ft site by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) in Arkavathy Layout in 2005.
Though Rao got the site registered seven years ago, he couldn’t get possession as the original owner has encroached upon it. He is among 8,813 Arkavathy allottees who haven’t got their plots as the layout is enmeshed in maze of land acquisition and compensation disputes. Most allottees haven’t even been able to get their sites registered.

  On Friday, Rao was among 200 Arkavathy allottees who gathered at the BDA office, off Bellary Road, to meet the commissioner and press for speedy disbursal of the plots. The delegation organized under the aegis of the Arkavathy Layout Allottees Association was in vain as commissioner Pradeep Singh Kharola failed to turn up.

      The allottees waited for him during the 3pm to 5pm window allotted for public interviews. They were allowed into the BDA compound and told the boss was on his way. After waiting for some time, a few allottees went to the commissioner’s office and were told that he was at the Karnataka High Court.
“The commissioner’s office was informed of our delegation’s arrival around 2.30pm. We had handed a questionnaire to him two days ago. Why did he avoid us? We only want to know why the BDA is not registering the sites even after seven years of allotment.” said Arun GK, joint secretary, ALAA.
“We shouted slogans against the BDA and police pushed us out. We plan to meet again at Cubbon Park on July 15,” said G Gajendra, an allottee.

  BDA officials said a board meeting would soon pass a resolution to resolve pending issues.

     Project announced in 2003 2,37,090 applicants for 20,000 sites over 3,900 acres Preliminary notification issued for acquiring land off Bellary Road Final notification in 2004 to acquire 2,750 acres Land acquisition runs into problems — BDA allots only 8,813 sites in 2006

     Supreme Court rules in 2010 that allotment should be completed and just compensation awarded to farmers BDA will give 40% of developed land as compensation to affected farmers 

Site of travails 
I’m an ex-serviceman and going to be 80 soon. All my money has gone to pay tax for a vacant site which is not even in my possession. My father died a freedom fighter. I’ve fought for the country. Will I not be able to live in my own house? Is this the treatment I deserve from my country and my state?
Prakash SG 
My father was allotted a site on land which was later denotified. A court order said we’d be given alternative plots but our site was in a prime location. I wonder if the alternative site would be in a similar location. Even if we get an alternative site, as per BDA rules, we’ll have to pay more again to register the site.
Arun GK 

    I’ve got my site registered and a building plan was also sanctioned. When we went to the site, we were chased away by rowdies and former landowners who threw stones at us. I’ve not been able to construct my house, even though I have all the clearances.
BS Lakshmikanthan

    The BDA office was a pitiable sight on Friday. Over 200 Arkavathy allottees, many of them senior citizens, gathered there and waited for hours to meet the commissioner

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