Delhi Jats: Very Well Off

Political Parties have done their best to divide the people of this country.

Congress Has lead the pack from the front. It will be interesting to watch how Congress and other parties will trash the report and make jats who were once rulers in to a deprived community.

Delhi jats ‘well off’, fail to make the cut in OBC list

Subodh Ghildiyal TNN

New Delhi: The country’s backward classes panel has rejected the claim for inclusion of Delhi Jats in the central list of OBCs, finding the community socially, educationally and financially advanced.
The decision, made a few months ago but kept under wraps, could negatively impact Congress’s fresh bid to put Jats in the central list, a promise made with an eye on community votes in western UP in the coming elections.
The National Commission of Backward Classes recently cited the findings of a “research study on Jat community in Delhi” done in 2005 to reject the petition. The issue has since been returned to the social justice ministry.
The study by Indian Institute of Public Administration may strengthen critics of Congress’s move to promise backward status to Jats. The party publicly backed the demand after Ajit Singh’s RLD joined the UPA recently, eager as they appeared to mobilize the resourceful social group in their battle for Lucknow.
The Delhi-specific study could influence the survey that NCBC ordered last week to examine the claim for inclusion of Jats in the central list. The survey is likely to span across western UP, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan to probe the community’s socioeconomic status. The Centre agreed to revisit the issue after an agitation last year.
The Delhi case, however, could be a dampener for the future survey. The IIPA study found the community, concentrated in north, northwest, south, south-west and west districts of Delhi, to be doing well, with high literacy rates and good income levels. But because of higher engagement with agriculture in north, north-west and south-west, Jats suffer from poor infrastructure.
Their social status appeared at par with “forward castes”, with overwhelming sections saying they were treated well by Brahmins and Kshatriyas. According to the study, half of the community said they were treated well by the upper castes, and felt closer to Kshatriyas, while another 20% said there was no social discrimination. Around 30%, however, felt the social stigma of inferiority.
The literacy rate was found to be impressively high at 85.7%, with male and female literacy standing at 92% and 78%. This is higher than the literacy rate among the general population of 83.7%. Only in south-west district did the community’s literacy rate fall below the average. However, the level of education was found to be low and the dropout rate high.
The economic condition was found to be “fairly good”, with incomes in south district being “very good” in view of the community’s high engagement in business. The per capita monthly income was found to be a little over Rs 5,000 in rural areas and above Rs 8,000 in urban areas.



National Commission of Backward Classes said the community was doing well with high literacy rates and good income levels

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