Babus in Trouble : Justice for Sanitary Workers

Three govt officials may not get their December salary

HC Asks Them To Release Salary Of Sanitary Worker First

     Ahmedabad: Three senior government officials — state development commissioner, district development officer and a gram panchayat secretary — may not get their December salaries as per a Gujarat high court order.

      Hearing a petition filed by Rasikbhai Ramji Valodara, a sanitary worker with Chuda gram panchayat in Surendranagar, Justice Anant Dave made the oral order.
Valodara has accused in his petition that he, along with three other workers, has been deprived of salary despite him being a permanent employee with the panchayat. He said in his petition that despite working with the panchayat for the last 30 years, they are not given benefits of permanent employees and paid a meager Rs 1,800 monthly salary.
Valodara has accused that even the Rs 1,800 was not paid regularly and he last received his salary before Diwali.

      Ruling in favour of the workers, the court ordered that ‘if monthly salary of the petitioners, if due as on date, is not released in regular course, the secretary, Department of Panchayat, state of Gujarat, after issuing notice, shall withhold the salary of the development commissioner, district development officer and the secretary of gram panchayat, henceforth.’ Further hearing in the case has been slated for December 29.

      “The workers have been fighting for their rights since 1999 when a labour court ruled in their favour asking the state government to take them as permanent employees. However, that never happened and they moved a petition in high court last year seeking benefits as permanent employees.

      A proposal to extend the benefits was sent to development commissioner after the petition which was turned down,” said advocate N D Songara, who filed the petition for the workers.

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