Andher Nagari: Anna Hazare Arrested : Congress on Back Foot

     No political party in India is in support of a strong LokPal. The politicians have over the last 45 years managed to stymie any attempt to oversee their corrupt practices.

      However it was Congress that has taken lead in the fight against the people of India in their fight against corruption. Congress supported by some media houses resorted to dirty tricks to malign and undermine the cause and persons connected with the fight against corruption.

    How and why did the Congress get into this jam? A study of incidents of corruption , their magnitude during the last three years, and the attempts by the government formed by UPA to cover up the wrong doings and brazenly protect the culprits had sent a clear message to the citizens that this government headed by Manmohan Sing as PM was not willing / able either to stop corruption nor bring culprits to book.

Congress leaders and spokesmen were on the offensive from day one to protect the culprits in various scams. It was only the intervention of the Supreme court that compelled the congress to initiate action against Kalmadi, Raja, Maran, etc. Even in the cash for votes scam in the parliament the Delhi Police had managed to scuttle the inquiry.

This brazen attitude of the congress coupled with attempts to hoodwink the people with the fake committee to formulate the LokPal Bill and scuttle the Peoples LokPal draft angered the public as never before.

Anna Hazare, literally from the back woods in a remote village called Ralegaon in Maharashtra had shot to fame in the last decade with his crusades against corruption. When he took up the issue of corruption from Delhi he caught the attention of the public, especially the middle class and the media. People of India have been feeling the pinch of bad governance, high inflation of 20% at street level since over a decade. The media explosion has brought the revulsion of the people to their political masters into their drawing rooms. Communication scenario has changed the way people interacted.  It was but natural that people realized that they were not alone any more in their anguish and pain. Millions of others shared their views and suffered as much under the present system and those who ran it and benefited from it.

. The congress which came to power on a negative vote for the BJP  has consistently ignored the public sentiments over the last three years , and has gone back on its promise to wok for the good of the aam admi.

That the PM has advisers who have grown arrogant in their power and have lost touch with the public, is no secret