Cricket: A mug’s game

Welcome All Crooks, there is a world out there.

Talking of cricket, “11 fools playing 11000 fools watching” said Bernard Shaw, in the early 20th century.

Today it is 11 crooks playing and a million watching. Cricket is no more a ‘gentleman’s game’. It is a money spinner for a few, time waster for millions who should know better.

List of the crooked is getting longer by the year.

Naming a few good and honest players like Tendulkar, and saying that cricket is still a good game is like saying there are some good and honest policemen, or politicians.

Cricket games have been ‘fixed’ since  over four decades, even as horse racing have been ‘fixed’ over a century.

It is the time of bookies and betters. It is the time when the media has something to fill their slots with, more inane the better.

Let all the crooks join in, there is piece of action for everybody. bookies, manipulators, TRPs, media, and of course the politicians.

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