Andher Nagari: Delhi PWD work causes deaths

Readers: Do you think the concerned minister and PWD personnel should have criminal cases for negligence filed against them?

Do you think the Police are taking this very casually because no VIP is involved?


1 more dead in underpass mishap

4 Days, 4 Deaths: Moolchand Underpass

Dangerous For Two-Wheelers

Vineet Gill | TNN

New Delhi: A 25-year-old motorcyclist died after his bike hit a Blueline bus while coming out of the Moolchand underpass on Sunday evening. In the past four days, the underpass, which is undergoing renovation, has witnessed four accidents — each involving two-wheelers — and as many fatalities. Police said that even as none of the victims wore helmets, it was found that they were speeding at the time of the accident.

Around 7.45pm on Sunday, Keshav Dutt Ojha — a Nepalese citizen who resides in the Punjabi Bagh area — lost balance of his bike and hit the side of the Blueline bus. He was flung onto the road and died while being taken to hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, the motorcycle (DL 10 SA 0294) was speeding when the accident took place. ‘‘Prima facie, it appears that the Blueline bus hit the motorbike on the side. The victim was thrown off the bike and suffered serious head injuries. He died while being taken to hospital. We are investigating the case,’’ said a police officer, adding that the cops did not recover any helmet from the accident spot.

Ojha was one of the caretakers and temple priests in the Sanathan Dharma temple in East Punjabi Bagh. He came to settle in Delhi around four years ago from his hometown in Baitadi, Nepal. ‘‘Both of us lived in the temple. On Sunday, he was on his way to Ashram for some work when he met with the accident,’’ said Nityanand, Ojha’s cousin. The driver of the bus is reported to be absconding since the incident. Cops have impounded the Blueline bus that plies on Ring Road.

This was the fourth accident on this stretch in a span of less than a week.

PWD is carrying out road recarpeting work in the underpass. And with the new layer of road about an inch-and-a-half higher than the older one, commuters have been facing a lot of inconvenience.

Moreover, the road is being built in patches, resulting in an abrupt dip in some places. ‘‘I don’t think only the road recarpeting work is to blame. Road accidents happen due to a number of factors though the spate of accidents began just when the recarpeting work started. The relaying work might have caused some distraction,’’ said an officer from Defence Colony police station.

Joint CP (traffic) Satyendra Garg said, ‘‘Traffic police officials visited the site after the four accidents. But so far we have not established the carpeting work as the reason behind the same. We are getting it examined further.’’ Four cases have been registered in the past five days.

Another officer said: ‘‘It should be noted that none of the victims was wearing helmets. We can’t point at the recarpeting work as the sole reason.

But we have asked the contractors to finish the work quickly and have also sent a report in this matter to the design and development department of Delhi Police.’’

PWD is reviewing the method of construction on city roads and, according to an official, has issued a list of precautionary measures to improve road safety.

‘‘Traffic diversions should start at least 100 feet before the work site, and it should be efficient. We have also recommended making temporary slopes where the road strips dip by more than an inch. Also, signages should be put up near the worksites during the day and night,’’ said a PWD official.

TRAGIC END: Bike that Keshav (R) was riding. Commuters say PWD work has made underpass dangerous

Andher Nagari: Dwarka Hsg Societies harassed by Delhi Govt

Govt of Delhi instead of helping hapless flat owners to obtain their flats is

threatening dire action against them.

Flat owners to be booked for Dwarka draw

Govt Terms Self-Draw Illegal

Dipak Kumar Dash | TNN

New Delhi: Delhi government seems to have made up its mind to crush the ‘civil disobedience movement’ which is gaining momentum in Dwarka with members of more cooperative group housing societies (CGHS) going for self-draws, ironically, for flats that they own. Urban development minister Raj Kumar Chauhan told TOI on Monday that FIRs will be lodged against those who conducted such selfdraws and all those who participated in it.

He threatened to cut their power and water connections.

R K Chauhan | MINISTER

Chauhan, who claimed that he and his government were keen to help the longsuffering members, said, ‘‘We will not tolerate this at any cost. Not only those who held the draw on Sunday will face the consequences but all others who have done so in the past too will face the music.’’

When asked whether his government would also initiate similar action against political leaders, including the Congress MP from West Delhi, Mahabal Mishra, for endorsing the draw, Chauhan said, ‘‘I will not comment on this. They must have some local political compulsion.’’

Chauhan claimed that only those societies were going for self-draw which have either misplaced their documents or are tainted by some scam. ‘‘They have not submitted papers. Without those documents, how can the registrar or the government forward their case for draw and allotment of flats? Not a single society has taken up its case with my office,’’ he said.

However, those who have already opted for the selfdraw said the issue of the registrar sitting on their files had been raised at a workshop convened by the chief minister, Sheila Dikshit, on February 18 this year. Chauhan was also present at that meeting. The CM had convened this workshop after some of the societies went for a similar self-draw for their flats in January, which had become an embarrassment for her government.

A release issued by the Association of Suffering Members of CGHS said the CM had given them the assurance that their grievances would be looked into on priority and that they would get a solution within a month. Nothing of that sort happened.

Said Rajendra Arya, coconvener of the association: ‘‘Are we outlaws? Have we gone against the country? The government is bound to provide everyone essential services. We have only moved to our homes for which we have paid. They are providing water supply to unauthorised colonies. How can they dare to cut our power and water connections?’’

They have not submitted papers. Without those documents, how can the registrar or the government forward their case for draw?

Andher Nagari:K’taka Lokayukta quits, cites apathy

K’taka Lokayukta quits, cites apathy


Bangalore: The most credible and respected institution in the state of Karnataka fell on Wednesday evening when Lokayukta, Justice N Santosh Hegde, resigned protesting against the state government’s apathy in tackling corruption. Unsurprisingly, as with most things in Karnataka, the role of the mining sector and mining lords had no small role to play in his decision. Adding to the drama, chief minister B

S Yeddyurappa virtually disappeared after the Lokayukta announced his resignation.
For the six crore Kannadigas, Hegde was a moral force that drove fear into the hearts of the corrupt, who operate with impunity and disregard the law. Under Hegde, an institution meant to nab corrupt officials had evolved.

He was seen by the common people as their saviour, as one who helped them in matters ranging from getting pension to securing school admissions.
Frustrated by his inability to bring to book the corrupt his institution had nabbed, unable to protect his officers from official vindictiveness, and faced with an apathetic government unwilling to fill vacancies like the Upa Lokayukta, a disgusted Hegde quit. He had 14 months left of his tenure. His resignation is effective August 30.

Said Hegde: ‘‘If I cannot protect an officer who was obeying me… then I should not be in a position where I give them directives.’’ These were his parting words after tendering a four-line resignation letter to governor H R Bhardwaj. In his 90-minute news conference, Hegde explained the sequences of events that led him to take the extreme step.

‘‘The decision was not taken at the spur of the moment. It is not an emotional outburst. For a long time, I suffered mentally. The government ignored and showed indifference towards Lokayukta institution,’’ he said.

Asked if he would reconsider if the government rectifies its mistakes, he said his decision is final; he is not in the habit of using a resignation letter as blackmail.

Corrupt Officials & Contractors

For dear life, when will we break the civic works nexus?

Broken walls, Sinking Roads, Leaking Pipes

Change the names…. Same story in all the cities.


It’s an open secret that unscrupulous contractors, in collusion with corrupt officials, fleece civic bodies by doing shoddy work and siphoning off taxpayers’ money. Every city in India has fallen prey to this dangerous nexus. Sadly, no stern measures are taken to eliminate the menace. Result:

Infrastructure remains poor, though funds are made available.

Bangalore, India’s IT capital, is high on this list. Badly-maintained roads, chaotic traffic, choked sewage and rainwater drains, missing footpaths, very few subways or skywalks for pedestrians, inadequate parking facility, acute power and water shortage, uncleared garbage, decreasing green cover and slow-moving development works, are the bane of this once peaceful and beautiful city.

On a rainy day recently, a wall built by one such contractor collapsed on a 17-year-old girl student, Sanjana Singh, who was walking home after attending tuition classes in the heart of Bangalore. She was buried under tonnes of debris. Her shouts and mobile calls failed to elicit response. She breathed her last before relief could arrive an hour or so later.

The city was shocked. Her family was shattered. Netas made customary calls to her house and offered compensation. Different inquiries were ordered.

The needle of suspicion pointed towards newly-elected corporator Munirathna. He was a contractor for civic works in that locality before he moved up the ladder. The portion that collapsed had been erected on a pipe without following norms. Munirathna was quick to deny his role.

When pressure built up, he admitted he had constructed only a part of the wall. The rest was built by a sub-contractor. He also threw a challenge: “I will resign the moment I am found guilty by an inquiry committee. I will give Rs 1 crore to Sanjana’s parents as compensation.”

Guess what the key findings of the first inquiry report are? Both Munirathna and sub-contractor Humesh Kumar are responsible for poor construction of the wall. Cement-sand-jelly stones ratio, which has to be 1:4:8 as per engineering practices, wasn’t maintained. Cement ratio was not only less but of poor quality.

No structural design and blueprint, particularly for the portion built on a pipe, was prepared. No inspection and supervision of the work. Weep holes that help water flow from one side of the wall to the other were missing.

Construction of a mandatory drain beside the wall to help water flow wasn’t done.
The estimated cost of widening of the Bellary Road, which necessitated reconstruction of the wall, was initially Rs 12.72 crore. This was increased to Rs 17 crore and then to Rs 29.55 crore, without government approval.

The findings are shocking. Not only were norms violated blatantly, but the corporation was cheated of funds. And the cornered corporator only says: “I will resign only if I am proven guilty by the court of law.

Now, a technical committee has given this report. The Lokayukta will also give its report. Police will also come up with their report. To which report should I respond?” So, no resignation. No compensation of Rs 1 cr to Sanjana’s parents as promised. The mayor says he has blacklisted both the contractors and written to the CM to initiate steps to force Munirathna step down as corporator. What about officials who connived with them or looked the other way? No action.

The public is skeptical. They fear the contractors will be back to their bad old ways, once the pressure eases. Just like hordes of corrupt officials trapped by Karnataka’s highly-proactive Lokayukta, Justice Santosh Hegde. After a brief suspension period, these officials get back to their jobs, sometimes with a promotion. Only because he has no powers to initiate prosecution.

Only the other day, chief minister B S Yeddyurappa had boasted of cutting red tape and laying the red carpet to investors. If he is keen on turning words into action, he must start with the civic bodies.

Nothing moves here till the palms are greased. He must break the contractor-official nexus.

Chennai Police:update list of rowdies active in city

Police update list of rowdies active in city

A Selvaraj | TNN

Chennai: The city police have prepared a new list of rowdies who have become active in the past one year. Anybody found to be involved in assault cases on more than two occasions figures on the list.
“We have removed some of the rowdies from the records maintained by each police station because they are no longer active, and have created a new list of more than 500 rowdies in the city,” city police commissioner T Rajendran said.

“We are bringing each and every criminal under the police scanner. Their profiles have helped us crack many cases easily. Apart from this, we have also published profiles of chain snatchers and white collar criminals in separate volume of books. We have given the books to each and every police station. Their profiles along with their portraits helps us to nab criminals after their identification by the victims,” Rajendran added.

Chennai city has 93 police stations including the recently-inaugurated ones at Royala Nagar, Royapettah government hospital, Stanley Medical College and Madras Medical College. Each police station has history sheets of at least 20 to 30 rowdies who are active in their jurisdiction.

According to police sources, there are at least 1,600 history sheets available with the city police. In case of those who are no longer active in the city and moved to other areas, police have sent their criminal records to those areas so that the local cops could keep an eye on them.

There have also been additions and deletions in the list of gangsters maintained by the police. TP Chatram-based leading ganja peddler Krishnaveni, who is now in Puzhal prison, now figures in the infamous list, according to police sources.

Fighter against Corruption:Dattareya Patil, killed

Maharashtra corruption buster killed

This is the third such incident in the state where RTI activists were either killed or threatened with dire consequences after their exposes made local politicians uncomfortable.

By Deepak Lokhande in Mumbai

THE MURDER of Right to Information ( RTI) activist Dattatray Patil at Ichalkaranji in Maharashtra has left the community worried, which wants the state government to take some firm action.

This is the third such incident in the state where RTI activists were either killed or threatened with dire consequences after their exposes made local politicians uncomfortable.

Unidentified assailants threw chilli powder on Patil’s face before stabbing him to death last week. He had unearthed a corruption racket involving a Congress MP and former ministers. According to family members, Patil had exposed misappropriation of funds meant for the backward class people allegedly by these politicians.

“ A sustained campaign is on in the state where politicians and rulers are trying to silence RTI activists by either threatening them or by simply eliminating them. That’s what happened to Shetty and that’s what has happened to Patil. My own house was stoned last October. I have been engaged in social work for the past 20 years. Never before have I experienced such fear in my life,” Shivaji Raut, another RTI activist in Satara, said.

While the police claimed to have arrested a few suspects, Patil’s family has alleged that the real culprits are still at large.

Earlier this year, RTI activist Satish Shetty had been killed in Talegaon Dabhade near Pune. Neeraja Punj of Citispace NGO had been threatened for filing petitions against a slum rehabilitation scheme worth hundreds of crores of rupees.

Patil, who was a farmer and had no political affiliations, filed a series of RTI applications and found that the money pumped into the backward class societies was allegedly siphoned off by the local politicians. He found how the chairmen of the societies were namesakes and the financial affairs were run by a board that had few members from the backward class.

He wrote to the Central Bureau of Investigation seeking an inquiry into the matter. He also wrote to the chief minister, the director general of the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB). The money pumped in Kolhapur district was over Rs 370 crore. In neighbouring Sangli, Satara and Sindhudurg districts, the funds were in excess of Rs 766 crore.

Patil filed a public interest petition in March this year seeking action against local Congress MP and former minister Jaywantrao Avale and his sons for alleged misappropriation of Rs 7.6 crore in one such society. He had named NCP’s Prakash Awade and former social justice minister Chandrakant Handore in several of his complaints to the police.

He had also filed a writ petition against local councillors, who had allegedly taken favours during mayoral polls. The court had directed the ACB to take note of his complaint, which said that as many 56 council members of the Ichalkaranji city council were offered money, property and junkets for voting Shahar Vikas Aghadi, an alliance of rebel Congress councillors, Jan Surajya Shakti and other independent councillors. As Patil’s RTI applications started to expose the local politicians, he started receiving threats.

“Last week, my brother received an abusive call. He challenged the caller to meet him near the Shahu Maharaj statue and went there. But the caller did not turn up. On Saturday, too, he received one such call and again he went to the statue. This time, however, he went there alone and was killed by a couple of people,” Patil’s elder brother Pratap said.

He said though the police have arrested two persons for killing his brother, the real culprit was still absconding. “ They are merely the assailants. Those who hatched the plot are still at large.

We have told the police about the suspects. My brother was running a campaign against them and they had even come for settlement.

He declined their offer,” Pratap added.

“ In July last year, Patil had written to the police that his campaign against corruption could endanger his life and had sought police protection. But nothing was done about it,” Raut said.

The Kurundwad police, who are investigating the case, said six persons were arrested in connection with Patil’s murder. “ We have arrested six persons — Rahulkumar Dhale ( 19), Srinivas Morkar ( 20), Dayanand Navle ( 29), Mahesh Vibhute ( 25), Gurunath Anant Mistri ( 25) and Satish Rajput ( 22). They have confessed to the crime. We have also confiscated the murder weapon. We are aware of the family’s allegations of political vendetta and have sought all the relevant documents from them. We are not ruling out a revenge killing at the moment,” said a police officer.

Avale and Handore were not available for comments. Awade, too, refused to comment saying he was busy in a function.

Supreme Court : “Criminal law has become an ass in the eyes of the public.”

Do not make law an ass: SC tells police


New Delhi: A day after expressing concern over Delhi Police allowing murder convicts to roam free when they should be in jail, the Supreme Court on Tuesday discovered that the malady extended to Punjab and might well be in vogue in other parts of the country.

A vacation bench comprising Justices G S Singhvi and C K Prasad was livid when it found that petitioner Charan Singh, whose conviction by the trial court for throwing acid on others had been confirmed by the Punjab and Haryana high court, was still free and had not been put behind bars by police.

“It is a matter of surprise that despite the trial court convicting the accused and the high court confirming the conviction four months ago, the police has not yet arrested the convict and put him behind bars,” the bench said and directed senior superintendent of police, Ludhiana, to immediately arrest Charan Singh and submit a report to the apex court.

The bench said such laxity on the part of the police had made the criminal justice system suspect in the eyes of the public. “Those who have clout, they flout the law,” it said.

“Criminal law has become an ass in the eyes of the public. We have an agency which is to arrest an accused after he is pronounced guilty by the court. If that is so, then how is it possible that the convicts are not arrested?” the bench said.

Trying to sensitise law enforcing agencies to the grave fallout of such inaction, the Bench said, “In this, case acid was thrown on several persons who are scarred for life. Their lives are ruined. Yet, the convict is roaming free.”

The Bench said Singh’s appeal challenging the HC verdict of February 2 would be heard only after the SSP of Ludhiana filed a report stating that the appellant had been lodged in prison.

NRI: Venkata Subba Cuuttamanchy

Andhra techie shot dead in US
Washington: A software engineer from Andhra Pradesh was robbed and shot dead by a group of five people in a motel near Detroit, where he had gone to meet a Mexican woman. The victim has been identified as Venkata Subba Reddy Cuttamanchi, 35, who is a native of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh.
Cuttamanchi was shot dead by a group of people in Southfield near Detroit on Wednesday around 2am, the Telugu Association of North America said. The police have arrested all the five individuals, including the boyfriend of the woman, who were involved in his killing.
“Venkat Reddy met a 23 year old Mexican woman through internet dating, had a meal at Wendy’s restaurant, and drove to a nearby EZ Rest motel around 2am.
“This woman’s boyfriend and four other cronies who were already waiting at the motel robbed Venkat and shot him to death,” said Prasad Thotakura, Tana executive vice president.
Police was immediately informed by people who saw the shooting, who responded in no time and arrested all those involved in the homicide. Thotakura, who helped in getting the body back to India, said all formalities have been completed and the body is in transit to reach Chennai by early hours of Tuesday.
Jayaram Komati, Tana president, and Mohan Nannapaneni, Tana secretary has expressed deepest condolences to the family and urged the Indian American community to get familiar with safety and security guidelines available on its website. PTI

Washington: Five men have been arrested for allegedly robbing and killing a software engineer from Andhra Pradesh in the US, the Telugu Association of North America (TANA) said.

A native of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, Venkata Subba Reddy Cuttamanchi, 35, was allegedly shot dead in a motel in Southfield near Detroit on Wednesday by the boyfriend of a Mexican woman with whom he had a date, TANA said.

Police was informed by people who witnessed the shooting at 2.00 a.m.

Thotakura said Cuttamanchi’s body will reach Chennai by the early hours of Tuesday.

Bangalore Pensioners: Treasury delays



Treasury Dept Stinks Pensions Pending For 6 Months Officials Blame Erratic Power Supply

Nirmala M Nagaraj | TNN

Bangalore: The Global Investors’ Meet may have raked in a grand Rs 3 lakh crore (if only on paper) from investors across the globe, but the state of the state treasury department, the repository of wealth and centre of all monetary transactions, is simply poor.

A visit to the Bangalore District Urban treasury office at MySugar building on JC Road reveals its true status — old, broken furniture dumped in a corner, torn window curtains, papers and files scattered amid dust and to top it, an unbearable toilet stench. Sadly, state treasury officers work amid these pathetic conditions.

With this working environment, it comes as no surprise that it has affected the overall functioning of the government machinery. If local economic requirements are not being met, what will happen to global ones?


Something as fundamental as pension has been delayed for more than six months by the inefficient treasury department. Widow pension, old age pension and pension allocated to the physically handicapped are waiting to be disbursed for more than six months now.

Officials blame it on the shortage of power supply. “Without power, we can’t operate computers and this has affected data entry and regular disbursal of pension, as well as adding new pension beneficiaries. Because of this, widows’ pension has been delayed but we will pay them arrears from the date of notification of sanctioning pension,” said Lakshmi, a treasury officer.

In Bangalore district alone, there are 51,250 widow pension beneficiaries, 48,678 old age pensioners and 47,174 Sandhya Suraksha beneficiaries, while more than 20,969 physically handicapped persons are dependent on the monthly pension amount.
With the delay in pension and without any communication from the department, the physically handicapped and senior citizens are regular visitors here to enquire about their pension status. With a dysfunctional lift at the treasury office, the disabled and senior citizens are forced to take the disabled-unfriendly, uncleaned stairs.


If the inefficient unit of the treasury department on JC Road has affected widows and the physically handicapped, at the Pension Payment Treasury at K R Circle, New Public Office Building, the freedom fighters of the Goa Liberation Movement (GLM) are still waiting for approval of pension.

G Krishnamurthy, 76, shared his ordeal: “More than 2,225 of us participated in the GLM movement. From 1991, they sanctioned pension, but in 1995, due to a stay order issued by the high court, pension was stopped. During the JD(S)-BJP government, pension was promised and announced in the budget, but when the government fell, even the promise was forgotten.

In 2008, on approaching chief minister B S Yeddyurappa and after scrutiny, 1,312 of us were found eligible for pension, of whom 172 are from Bangalore.”


Officials are helpless but have not lost hope. Deputy director Uma Devi R S told The Times of India: “We have submitted eight proposals requesting a new building to the district commissioner. I took charge of the department in 2008 and before joining, I signed a letter asking for a new building. The present rented office is in MySugar building and its owner is under a huge loss. It may take years for the owner to clear the outstanding amount, so we can’t expect the building owner to improve infrastructure and make it accessible to visiting pensioners.”

“In 2008, there were 82,000 beneficiaries, today there are 2.5 lakh beneficiaries from all four categories. With limited staff, it is difficult to handle these transactions.

All these days, we had to manually prepare 2 lakh money orders, but recently we introduced an e-money order facility,” added Uma Devi.

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