Honesty in Mumbai: Returns a bag of jewels

Mumbai peon returns bag of jewels worth Rs 27 lakhs

Mumbai: Spotting a bag full of gold jewellery left behind on a local train would tempt the best of us to pocket it, especially if one is going through a financial crisis. But 50-year-old Suresh Agre does not believe in it. The 50-year-old peon with an architecture firm at Churchgate took it on himself to trace the owner of a haversack containing ornaments worth Rs 27 lakh.

He was rewarded with Rs 51,000 on Saturday by the beneficiaries at a felicitation programme. The owner of the haversack, Viral Lathigara, is a jeweller and runs SR Jewellers at Marine Lines. On the night of May 14, he left behind the bag containing 27 gold necklaces (weighing 1300 gms) in the Borivli-bound local. Viral, then, registered a complaint with the Borivli GRP.

Meanwhile, Agre, who was seated in a second-class compartment of the same train, spotted the haversack .

“Worried that someone would rob the ornaments, I decided to take them home,’’ Agre said. On May 20, Agre went to the address found in the bag. Satisfied on having found the rightful owner, he showed Viral the bag. On Friday night, the bag was returned intact at the Borivli GRP chowky. TNN

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