Stabilisers: Remove and Save Money

Mr HR Vaish is an active member of Citizens Alliance. He has wide experience in the manufacture and installation of electronic and electrical equipment.

He is considered an expert in his field.

Hue and cry for sustainable living is being made time and again, but the fundamentals required to be addressed are lost sight of.  The main issues where focus is required is electricity, water and environment.

As part of its agenda, the Citizens Alliance for Responsive Governance will attempt to address these issues in the weekly column, through articles written by their members.

Remove your stabilizers – Save Your Money

Electricity is a burning issue at this time of the year.  Do you know that voltage stabilizers consume 20% of the power which flows through them and you pay the bill for it?

The Indian Electricity Act, 2003 requires the power supply distribution company to give you quality power.  If the voltage in your area is between 200 to 250 volts you do not need a voltage stabilizer.  The voltage stabilizer is also of no use if there is fluctuation.

A study conducted over 20 years ago brought out that if all the voltage stabilizers installed in the country were to be removed, we would have saved energy equivalent to what is generated by Bhakra Nangal dam.  It is your right to demand quality power.

The savings in consumption will not only reduce your electricity bill, but also help in reducing the energy deficit and consequently the need for load shedding.

I encourage you to look into this aspect and remove your voltage stabilizers at the earliest.

HR Vaish

Mr. H.R. Vaish is an Electrical Engineer from India’s premier institute, IIT Delhi. 

He is the Managing Director of Instapower Ltd. and possesses over 30 years’ of technical 

and marketing experience. 

He was amongst the first few technocrats to start up a computer industry in India in 1976, 

immediately after completing B.Tech. and incorporated International Data Processing Company Limited which in 1980 set up Northern India’s most powerful computer centre with financing from IFCI, ICICI and the Risk Capital Foundation.

He has filed many patents (over 10) in the energy efficiency area and several are in the pipeline. The Companies promoted by him are commercializing the patents. He has varied experiences of over 30 years as an entrepreneur and his inventive capabilities are a strength area from which Instapower is benefiting in several ways.

He was a Fellow of the Computer Society of India and is presently 
a Fellow of the Indian Society of Lighting Engineers. 
At present he is the Secretary of IIT Delhi Alumni Association, 
which has a strength of 33,000 alumni spread across the globe,
 Hony. Treasurer of Indian Society of Lighting Engineers,
 Vice President of the Udyog Vihar Chamber of Commerce Gurgaon 
and a member of Citizens Alliance for Responsive Governance.