DDA: 800 flats in Vasant Kunj: Bad Planning

DDA is coming up with another 800 dwelling units in Vasant Kunj.

For  half a million Delhites looking for a  decent living space, a place to call their own home, this is an ultra small micro carrot being dangled in front of them.

DDA has assured the The State Expert Appraisal Committee (SECA) that it will treat 500 kl of water. “In the first phase, the DDA has been instructed to create a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) of 300 KLD capacity and another STP in the second phase. The water is also to be recycled, with more than 370 KLD to be pumped to nearby parks and the Aravalli Biodiversity Park for horticulture.” (Indian Express)

Inadequate parking space

However what is not understandable is that DDA is providing for parking space for 546 cars only. Today it is obvious to all (except DDA) that every household in VK has at least one car. Parking in some sectors has become a bone of contention. Altercations over parking space is a regular affair in many of the Sectors like Sector A, and some pockets of Sectors  B and C.

Why does the DDA refuse to learn from past experience?

Water woes.

“While recommending the project to the assessment authority, the SEAC has asked the DDA to seek Delhi Jal Board’s permission for withdrawing groundwater and planting trees inside the premises of an MCD school adjoining the site.” (Indian Express)

Water supply has been a great problem in VK since 1990.

In Sector A Pockets B & C, water is pumped for hardly 30 minutes a day. Jal Board tankers never turn up and during summer months families shelling out Rs 300/- for every fill of their water tanks, to private operators is the norm.

Water table in VK has been going down year after year. The existing tube wells are not functional. To expect the 800 flats to be dependent on tube well water from a nearby MCD school is simply hare brained.

Why does DDA always embark on such projects without adequate planning?