Mayawati Mocks Middle Class Morality

Maya Mocks Middle Class Morality

There is a great deal of hoo haa generated by the media, on the mala of thousand rupees notes that Mayawati the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and the Boss of  Bahujan Samaj Party, was garlanded with.

The TV media ran the photographs of her being garlanded again and again spiced with caustic comments, especially by the English media. Soon the print media followed suit.

The ruckus in the parliament cowed the government in to agreeing for an enquiry by the I Tax department into the origin of funds.

However Mayawati is not one to be cowed down by the media and their ranting. The media is a creature of middle and upper classes and castes. She knows well that all this attention only increases her stature among dalits.

To them, a dalit is being feted ,even as kings of yore were greeted by their vassals with gems and necklaces. Here at last is one of their own being treated like royalty. She has brought all her opponents, upper caste oppressors who for ages have been tormenting them, to heel.

It is well known that politicians stash their ill gotten wealth in foreign banks and benami purchases.

She is the empress who has been chosen by the dalits, she  and has ruled and is ruling Uttar Pradesh with, and on their complete support. She is ruling a state wherein the majority are upper castes.

She has faced great odds to reach her position, she has stood up to the century old congress party, traded blow for blow and insult for insult with the Yadavs. She managed to fool the BJP twice into supporting her and ditched them mercilessly when her term was up.

She is a survivor, and has never wavered from her stand that she is a dalit and is working for the welfare of dalits only.

Even as attacks on her continue Behenji has ordered that in future she will be garlanded with rupee notes.

She knows full well that in the present scenario of coalition governments the government at the center or state cannot do without the support of BSP. She also knows fully well that all the verbal assault she is subjected to will only gather more support from her base ie dalits.

As Kancha Ilayah, a strong spokesman of dalits said during an interview,

‘all political parties collect funds through various means. What they do with the money collected is not known. Does it go to the party, or is used to fund election expenses etc, or simply in to the pockets of a few persons is not known. Here is Mayawati, a leader of a political party who openly displays in public  the funds collected by her party. So what is wrong in that?’

Well, What is wrong in that?


NOTE-WORTHY GIFT FOR ‘MALA’-WATI: After lavish birthday celebrations and giant statues, BSP supremo Mayawati landed in a fresh controversy over a garland made of currency notes of Rs 1,000. BSP sources said the garland was worth about Rs 5 crore. But even as other parties blasted this ‘‘ugly display of money power’’, BSP leaders maintained a studied silence |


Maya’s garland worth Rs 5 crore?


Lucknow: It could well be the most expensive political felicitation. Politicians have been weighed in coins and garlanded with notes but UP chief minister Mayawati’s supporters took the cake on Monday by presenting her with a mammoth garland strung together with 1,000-rupee notes. Estimates of how much money was around the Dalit leader’s neck as she stood on the dais ranged from Rs 2 crore to Rs 5 crore.

Mayawati has been in controversy in the past for collecting public donations on her birthdays. An enthusiastic BSP worker from Kanpur had gifted a plot on the moon on her birthday this year.The BSP supremo’s diamond jewellery sets and her statues carrying a purse have been hot topics of discussion in political circles. But Monday’s extravaganza to celebrate 25 years of BSP’s existence and 76th birth anniversary of founder Kanshi Ram set a new bar.

The origin of the garland could not be immediately ascertained and BSP leaders remained tight-lipped. Intial reports sourced it to the Karnataka unit of the party but the coordinator of Karnataka unit VN Sharma denied his unit had gifted the garland. He, however, said the garland in the news could have made out of contributions from BSP workers across the country. The Karnataka’s BSP unit president N Mahesh could not be contacted for confirmation as his cellphone was switched off.

With enough cash in it to feed several thousand of UP’s poor for a while, tongues wagged in Lucknow on what she would do with the money. Some party sources said the garland would be kept at the museum at party headquarters.

While BSP leaders remained silent over the issue, the ‘currency garland’ gave the opposition yet another opportunity to attack Mayawati. Congress legislative party leader Pramod Tiwari described it an ugly display of money power.

BJP spokesman Hriday Narain Dixit said that it was ‘loot ka paisa’. Opposition has already been accusing the BSP for spending over Rs 300 crore of public money on the maharally.