Mumbai Forest Land Case: Some Hope?

CM takes up forest land case

Somit Sen I TNN

Mumbai: Chief minister  Ashok Chavan has assured petitioners in a forest land case that he would take up the matter of those who paid Net Price Value (NPV) as per Supreme Court orders and pursue it with the Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF) for regularisation.

The apex court had recently passed an order, directing those affected in Mulund and Nahur to pay the NPV as per recommendations of the Central Empowered Committee.

Petitioner Prakash Padikkal, who met Chavan on Thursday, said about 395 societies/individual complexes in the area would benefit from the order.

6 Responses

  1. Hello Sir/ Mam,

    I am resident of a society in Mulund west, which has been declared as Forest Land. I am anxious to know if the Forest Land issue has been cleared now as I have read in papers that it has been cleared by Apex court but still registration of our flats is not possible.

    It is a humble request to inform me of the latest news.

    Thank you,

    Nicky Ruparel

  2. There are lacs of people residing in Mumbai who are affected by the Forest Land Issue. The Supreme court should expedite the constitution of the 3-member bench and provide a swift justice in the Mulund forest land case. The State govt, MOEF, BMC and other local authorities should work in tandem in granting clearance and approval to construct buildings. We are seeing a classic case above entities are not working together as a result the common man is cheated out of his earnings and home that has now suddenly become a forest.

  3. what about the slums in the private forest? can they pay NPV also? How?


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