Andher Nagari:Haryana : Molestation of Minor & Gross abuse of Power

A young girl is molested . A detesteble deed.

Worse follows. Under official pressure the child is expelled from school. No school will admit her fearing police harassment .

Father of girl hounded outof town for daring to complain.

Brother : 11 fake cases of theft made against the teen aged brother.

The promising child driven to  suicide.

Two decades for a court to sentence the accused.

Where did this happen? In Pakistan? Afghanistan? USA?

No In our own country, in Chandigarh. Haryana.

The school authorities get away, the rogue policemen who framed 11 false charges are enjoying life. The perpetrator got many promotions.

The couple who bravely took up the case were harased. The gentleman deprived of promotions and forced in to early retirement.

Complete misuse of power and official machinary in Haryana.


First Signed Complaint In 1990 Formed Basis Of Case

Supriya Bhardwaj | TNN
Chandigarh: Though the promising tennis player Ruchika Girhotra took her life three years after she was molested, it was her first signed complaint, which was submitted as memorandum on August 16, 1990 before the then Haryana governor, which acted as the foundation on which the case was registered and later contested for 19 long years.

‘Won’t rest till Rathore is punished’

Supriya Bhardwaj | TNN
Chandigarh: Although 19 years have gone by, the traumatic memory of her best friend being molested by then Haryana IG SPS Rathore, rushes back every time Aradhana holds a tennis racquet. The 32-year-old has never been able to play the game she loved after Ruchika killed herself.

‘‘Even at that tender age, her groundstrokes were brilliant. Today, I am sure her soul will find some satisfaction in Rathore being convicted,’’ said Aradhana, who flew in from Australia to hear the verdict of the long battle she has waged along with her parents.

‘‘I don’t want any other girl to go through the same sorrow. The fight isn’t over yet. We’ll pursue it till Rathore gets harsher punishment,’’ she added. Ruchika was thrown out of school

Chandigarh: After the molestation of 14-year-old Ruchika by then Haryana inspector general SPS Rathore, took place in the office of the Haryana Lawn Tennis Association in August 1990. Rathore, later promoted to DGP, pulled rank and made life a nightmare for Ruchika and her family, said her friend Aradhana.

A traumatized Ruchika, who was thrown out of school, killed herself after false cases, including car theft, were framed against her 16-year-old brother. ‘‘The Girhotras were persecuted for standing up to the top cop,’’ Aradhana said.

Their persecution began after the Girhotras, along with Ruchika and her parents, Anand and Madhu Prakash, went to then Haryana home secretary with a memorandum. This was the first official complaint for an inquiry. The same day, Ruchika went to the tennis court around 5pm to find a notice declaring her suspension.

That was just the beginning. ‘‘Her father could no longer work, her brother was implicated on trumped up charges and beaten up. And the schools refused to admit her,’’ said Aradhana.
What drove her to suicide, said Aradhana, was police landing at their doorstep in 1993 and parading her brother outside the house.Teenaged brother was framed in 11 cases


Chandigarh: The Prakash family strove hard to get justice for Ruchika, but what about Ruchika’s elder brother, Ashu, then only a teenager, who was thrashed by police and slapped with several cases?
Madhu Prakash, one of the complainants, said they will not just try to get abetment-to-suicide case reopened but also fight against harassment faced by the Girhotra family. The local judiciary is surprised at the way

Ruchika’s teenager brother was slapped with 11 cases, most involving him in theft.

Punjab and Haryana high court advocate Ranjan Lakhanpal said the cases registered against Ashu were a blatant abuse of process of law. ‘‘Influential officials made mockery of police and judicial system,’’ he said.
Joining him, human rights activist T S Sudan, who closely watched the case, said: ‘‘The brother was falsely implicated in theft cases and was beaten up. It’s a clear case where the victim’s brother was implicated to put pressure on Ruchika and her family.’’

No counsellor at Ruchika’s school

Chandigarh: As the 19-year-old case of molestation of Ruchika unfolded, it shook her family and friends who had to relive those unfortunate moments. Shockingly, her school had no counselling facility that could prevent her from committing suicide.

The counselling facility is CBSE’s main requirement in all schools, especially for adolescents. The Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, which had expelled Ruchika a month after the molestation case on the grounds of indiscipline, still doesn’t have a dedicated counsellor or a psychologist to tackle cases of harassment.

Said B S Chavan, head of the department of psychiatry, Government Medical College and Hospital: ‘‘Couseling can help in preventing suicide.’’ TNN