Crisis of prosperity in cities: Architects warn

What is applicable to Ahmadabad is equally applicable to all cities in India

growing in an uncontrolled manner.

Infrastructure is crumbling as demand for civic services out strips availability

Architects warn of crisis of prosperity in city soon


Ahmedabad: Warning of a stage where a crisis of prosperity for the city becomes imminent, experts at the ‘Development Plan 2021’ for Ahmedabad city at the Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects (GICEA) pressed for changes in planning methodology which promotes sustainable development.

A sustainable community, according to experts gathered at the conclave, is the one which responsibly utilises resources to meet current needs while ensuring that resources are available for future generations. Being sustainable also means improved public health and a better quality of life for all its residents by preventing pollution, limiting waste, promoting efficiency of resources both of human and systems, maximising conservation and developing local capacities to revitalise the local economy.

Speaking on the occasion urban planner Dr Dinesh Mehta said, “Every city has to go through a stage called the ‘crisis of prosperity’. As incomes grow, economic activities grow, there is immense pressures on various resources. If today we do not learn to address these issues in our city planning we cannot brace up for the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Today Amdavadis demand for 24 hours water supply against two hours, garbage collection becomes prime concern as no prospering city would not like to see filth spilled all over

Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute, scientist R Gopichandran says, “No one today talks of mitigation, building local capacities and building awareness levels towards sustainable living.We lack that attitude while planning initiatives.”

While,urban planner BR Balachandran pressed for eco-friendly housing. GICEA honoured Safal group for being awarded the “Best Employer” in the country by the president of India. The presentation was done by the urban development minister Nitin Patel.

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