Cancer Care:Hospital offers EMI scheme

New Picture (81)Hospital offers EMI scheme for cancer care

Stanley G Pinto | TNN

Mangalore: You must have heard about EMI schemes for housing, vehicles, white goods loans and clothing. What about EMI for cancer care?

Health Care Global (HCG), a cancer care network in South Asia, is introducing EMI facility for treatment, that too without interest. Dr BS Ajai Kumar, chairman and CEO of HCG, told TOI the EMI facility is available in Bangalore and it will soon be available in Delhi and Ahmedabad.

So how does it work? First, HCG evaluates the patients economic condition. ‘‘Our goal is not to deny treatment to any patient for lack of money. Usually, patients from lower-middle class cannot afford cancer care, which runs into lakhs. We let them decide how much they can pay in EMIs and ask them to stick to it,’’ he said. The doctor said, ‘‘There’s also a section of patients who cannot pay much. For them we help through the HCG Foundation.’’ Recently, an auto driver from Mysore availed of the benefit.

Dr Ajai, a key member of the Task Force which spearheads the health and welfare development of Karnataka, said the idea generated from the micro-credit scheme he had started for rural women in Gundlupet near Mysore. It was part of a World Bank project to provide health care for women in 2000.

‘‘We documented that major source of their expenditure was loans. They borrowed in the four months of distress at 60% interest,’’ he said. Regarding cancer, Ajai said according to WHO, cancer will overtake cardiac disease as the major killer in the next decade and it will be prominent in India and China. The oncologist attributes this to changes in lifestyle. ‘‘The affluent disease like colon, breast cancer and lung cancer will hit the rural population when they go mainstream,’’ he warns.

Dr Ajai, a BC Roy awardee, says the advent of cyberknife, which delivers precise dose of radiation to targets thereby avoiding the healthy tissues, will help manage cancer like diabetes, blood pressure and asthma.

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