RTI: CIC Maharashtra gives activists a tough time

The job of a CIC , even a sincere one can be tough.

Some like Mr Wajahat Habibullah deal with matters and people with sagacity.

CICs are invariably babus, who as a matter of right have spent all their service life, procrastinating and denying information to the lowly, voiceless, powerless,  ‘common man’.

To be suddenly pitchforked to a job that requires accepting that the janata also has any rights on information is bad enough. But what is worse is that the lowly janata has the insolence to insist on information being provided in time and in full.

‘Off with their heads’ say some CICs.


The information received about the arrest and ill treatment of RTI activists, in the office of Dr Joshi, CIC Maharashtra, has been sent to his office for comments, and will be placed on the website soon after.

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