Kendriya Vidyalay: Parents left in lurch as KVs reduce seats

Parents left in lurch as KVs reduce seats

Move to Keep Optimal Student-Teacher Ratio

Karthika Gopalakrishnan | TNN


Chennai: Parents seeking to admit their children in Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) will have to brace themselves for competition. The authorities have been forced to restrict their intake for each class thanks to a new ceiling fixed by the government due to a change in the admission guidelines this year.

“The intake has been fixed at 35 students for each section in the primary classes, 40 in the secondary sections and 45 in the senior secondary sections.

This is a common policy which has been decided upon by the board of governors for all 989 KVs in the country and three KVs abroad. We have not been given the exact reason for this but it may have something to do with the recommendations in the National Curriculum Framework, 2005, asking for an optimal student-teacher ratio to achieve better results,” said E Prabhakar, assistant commissioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Chennai region.
Officials said it was easier to get admission in Class I at a KV than lateral entry.

However, this proved more difficult than usual this year with schools given only 20 seats per section in Class I; they were given 35 last year. A total of 15 seats were reserved for admission under the special provisions quota on a first-comefirst-served basis. This applies to children of Members of Parliam e n t , central government employees who die in harness and recipients of gallantry awards such as the Param Vir Chakra.

According to a parent who had succeeded in getting admission for his child at a KV in the city, there were several deserving candidates on the waiting list. “I met a person hailing from Kerala who had fought in the Kargil war and was having difficulty getting admission for his child. Even when I kept calling the authorities, they said several category-I employees (transferable employees of the Central government), who are given first preference, remained on the waiting list because of the reduction in the number of seats,” he said.

E Prabhakar pointed out that when choosing seats among category-I employees, preference would be given to those who had had more transfers.

However, another parent contended that employees from local government offices such as the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) had shown a movement within city offices as a transfer. This gave them an unfair advantage over those who had gotten an actual transfer from one district to another, he added.

However, authorities said they were doing the best they could as there were only a limited number of seats available. “Since admissions go on till July 31, we have instructed parents to be in constant touch with the principal of the school concerned,” said Prabhakar.

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