NOIDA: A police station without powers

A police station without powers

By Akash Vashishtha in Noida

Noida’s all- women station doesn’t even have aphone

THE MAYAWATI government might have set up all- women police stations across the state as part of its agenda to provide women with basic safety. But in reality, these ostentatious stations serve no purpose.

With barely any resource or power, they are a mere tool for the government to make tall claims on addressing women’s safety. Noida’s Sector- 39 all- women police station is a classic example of this.

Set up three months ago on UP chief minister Mayawati’s directions, the station exists at a little- known location and is being operated from just a single room.

The remaining rooms are being used as an election office by the district administration staff.

According to sources, the police station merely has 15 policewomen — many of whom are assigned duties in other police posts — and a clerk, who is not experienced enough to note down complaints.

Moreover, the policewomen housed at the station can only register cases on dowry harassment or domestic physical abuse, said a woman officer requesting anonymity.

“ We are authorised to register cases under Sections ¾ 498A, 294 and 354 of the IPC,” she said.

If victims of rape, assault or snatchings approach the Sector- 39 station, they will be turned away without any assistance.

Sharmila Singh, a victim of sexual harassment at her workplace, a security agency in Noida, had to return dejected on the grounds of “ unauthorisation” of the women police officers on duty.

In the past three months, since being set up, the station has received only six to seven cases in a district ridden with crime against women.

“ There are negligible or no complaints at all in a month.

Most of the cases come to us through other police stations for

our reference and action. We do not file or attend to any original case. In the last three months, we haven’t received any direct complaint,” she added.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. This police station is also bereft of arms or ammunition — even lathis . The lady officers cannot even defend themselves, leave alone attending a distress call.

In fact, it is practically impossible for anyone to place a distress call or for the police officers to attend one in the absence of a telephone connection as well as a police vehicle.

“ We don’t even have a landline phone. How can any woman in distress call for us or complain? We have been persistently demanding a phone, a vehicle and some arms but there has been no response to the requests. We have also been asking for an experienced clerk.

When we can’t even defend ourselves, how can one expect us to help other women?” she said.

“ We use our mobile phones at our personal cost. Nobody can call us for assistance. This police station is of no help to any woman. Nobody comes here to file any complaint,” said another officer.

In absence of a police vehicle, most officers commute on personal vehicles to attend to any complaint that they are directed to. Moreover, they have not been allotted staff quarters and have also been restricted to reside within Noida.

“ If we have to go on an urgent complaint on field, we commute on our scooters. We have also been asked by our senior officers to stay in Noida. We are staying in rented accommodations. We haven’t even been given staff quarters,” the officer said.

To add to insult to injury, in this station that is no good to women or the lady police officers stationed there, one cannot even find water to drink.

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  1. Hi,

    Someone stolen my laptop from my car yesterday within 5 minutes of duration from Noida Sector 5 Harola Market around 4 Pm on 9th October 09. They broke the glass window of the back door and picked the laptop from there. I am at a huge loss because it contains all my personal and business information. You can say.. they have not stolen my laptop but my mind.. I lost everything !!

    The market is very busy, one puncture wala was working just behind the car and I suspect that he was the informer of the thief. The police had lodged an FIR after 20 hours. Very frustrated with the corruption and dacoits (not thieves because they steal in front of everybody)

    In the next morning, I got a call from someone named Rajinder Singh. first he said that he is tughlakabad and then he said he is in ballabhGarh and he found a plastic bag with my checque books and few other ID proofs but not the laptop. I have his number address etc. I am very sad.

    Do let me know if you got your laptop back..

    Or can anybody help me?

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