CHETNA: Fight against High Decibel Night Flights

Ill conceived proposed closure of runway 28

merits detailed investigation

Working against great odds CHETNA has managed to wrest assurances from DGCA that there will be no flights on the new third runway during night hours.

The noise pollution had become intolerable to residents in Vasant Kunj in Delhi after the new runway had been commissioned.

What was surprising was the fact that the Airport authorities and the Ministry of Civil Aviation had not only not done their home work on the decibel levels of flights coming in to land but refused to even listen to any representation from CHETNA on the high decibel levels and the damage to the residents of Vasant Kunj.

The team of Mr. Sharma and Anil Sood had managed to gather enough support from scientific studies and research on deleterious effects of high decibels on civilian population to compel the attention of Govt of Delhi to support their cause.

So much so the Airport authorities had decided to close down the offending runway for night operations.

However it appears the war has not yet been won.

Actions have been initiated by the government to create a situation wherein the flights will be continued.

Ground work is being laid to hoodwink the citizens of Vasant Kunj. The first step has been to trot out a new situation that a runway currently in use will need repairs and hence will need to be closed down.

Please read the self explanatory  letter by CHETNA on this subject.

Re: Proposed Closure of Runway -28 – IGI New Delhi

Society for Protection of Culture Heritage Environment Traditions and Promotion of National Awareness (Regd) CHETNA ( Sent: 18 March 2009 17:03PM

Dear Mr. Sahi,

The IGI has achieved dubious distinction of the only Airport amongst the developing and Developed Countries to have 3 runways with least operational efficiency as would be demonstrated from the following table:-


IGI Delhi India

London Gatwick

Sydney Australia

London Heathrow

TOTAL Flights per day





No. of runways





Night Flights Arrivals per day





Night Flights Departures per day





TOTAL Night Flights





Peak Flight Arrivals per hour





Passengers in million/year





Note: Night restrictions from 11PM-6AM

Further, it has to its credit the most inefficient management and highest noise polluter with scant respect to the laws of the country as the clearances have been obtained by DIAL by  submitted false DATA with MOEF and MOEF blissfully ignores the information available in Public Domain not about domestic airports but also related to International airports and waives mandatory EIA.

Now with the proposed closure of runway no. 28 for eight months perhaps it would be the first ever airport in the entire World that chooses to close one runway for 8 months in utter disregard to all the laws of the land, standard engineering practices.

We are yet to hear that GATWICK Airport was closed for even one week for re carpeting or Heathrow Airport runways were closed for months together for re carpeting.

It appears that DIAL/GMR has ignored the basic fact that the technology is available and is being used world over for re carpeting the runway in patches that can carpet about 20 sq. mtrs of runway in one hour without even disturbing the operations of the airport.

Therefore, the ill conceived proposal closure of runway 28 merits detailed investigation and also the conduct of the functionaries of DIAL/GMR who have draft such an ill conceived plan which if implemented would lead to multiple issues and we may have to seek judicial intervention at the risks and costs of all the functionaries and Officers who were and are responssible for creating such a surplus capacity at the cost of State Exchequer as well as human health.

We would also like to depute our representatives to participate in the meeting that is being organised by you to discuss the issue to place on record our views.


Anil Sood