Delhi Traffic Police: Should get priorities straight say Harssed Residents of Roshnara Road

Mr Shashikant Arora takes keen interest in all municipal matters in North Delhi area of which he is a resident. He is a walking – talking encyclopedia on problems of North Delhi.

About Roshnara Road from Pul Bangash towards Roshanara Club He says:

The realignment work on the Central Divider line in Roshanara Road has been pending for years, in spite of  an order from the HC of Delhi.

There are two wine shops in the vicinity of Metro station. Here the 4 carriage way gets reduced to a single carriage way thanks to customers of wine shops parking on the road, that also haphazardly.

Speed breakers were put up after the HC order. However there is no traffic light in the vicinity of China Building and Aryapura. It is an area with very high foot falls, especially with school going children and elders.

Four Bus shelters were to come up. They have not. Bus passengers are exposed to heat in summer and rains during monsoon. Passengers, children and women  stand on the road and rush in to the buses. It is scary even to look at the way the buses come and halt among the crowd.

The area adjacent sees a large volume of traffic of HMVs and MMVs. Loading and unloading goes on throughout the night.

Till a few months back there was a clear marking line on both sides of road to demarcate where vehicles could be parked. The marking has got obliterated over time. Heavy Motor Vehicles and Medium Motor Vehicles are parked throughout the day on this and adjacent roads.

Local residents also park their small cars and scooters literally between tree guards.

You would expect that the Delhi Traffic Police would try their best to smoothen the traffic flow in that area and protect the residents and the public by installing traffic light / blinking lights near China Building.

You would expect police personnel to stand near the wine shops and ensure the road is not blocked by uneven improper parking, so that the main traffic can pass through easily.

You would expect traffic police men to help out pedestrians and children who need to cross the road.

Unfortunately what we have been witnessing is a shameful act on the part of Delhi Traffic police who have been harassing local residents by towing away their scooters parked along the road. (No action has been taken to even touch the HMVs and MMVs).

There was a great deal of chaos created by the traffic police on 17th March. Residents came out in large numbers and protested at the high handed behaviour of DTP. The situation would have turned worse but for some cool headed citizens.

Mr Shashikant asks why cannot the Delhi Traffic Police take proactive measures to ease the traffic in that area? Why don’t the policemen regulate traffic near the wine shops, paint parking lines on the road, put up traffic lights?

Why are local residents being harassed and their scooters and cars towed away?

Mr SN Shrivastava the DCP should intervene immediately.

Will the DCP do something positive to ease the problem of the local residents?