Andher Nagari:Bangalore:Women under attack. Police should wake up

Women under attack.

Police should wake up

Assault must STOP now!


Bangalore: More than 70 cases of moral policing in Karnataka over the past six months, and police commissioner Shankar Bidari’s comment that the incidents in Bangalore were ‘stray’ cases: protesting against attacks on women and police inaction, over 200 persons under the banner of Fearless Karnataka gathered in front of the DG & IGP’s office on Nrupathunga Road on Saturday. Men and women from all walks of life, including sexual minorities, foreigners and members of various development organizations, voiced their anguish.

In the absence of DG & IGP Ajay Kumar Singh, IGP (grievance) R P Sharma met the protesters and assured them that the cases will be investigated and a meeting will be scheduled next week.

The activists said commissioner Bidari’s response was irresponsible and led to greater fear in women. “He has to be pulled up for his statement,” Vimochana spokesperson Dona Fernandez said.

“I have to hear both sides and investigate. Your security is our concern,” Sharma said.


More cases of attacks on women are coming to light. Olivia (name changed), a young American who has been working here for the past two years, said she was attacked last month. “I was feeding a pup on a road in Sanjaynagar when a car almost ran over it. When I went protested, the driver backed at a high speed and tried to hit me. I fell on a motorcycle and was injured. I can identify the men.

The police in Sanjaynagar did not register my complaint. They asked me to go to Hebbal, where I was told to go to R T Nagar. I don’t know why. They were just not ready to take the complaint,” she said.

The protesters said investigations in the two registered cases have been insensitive towards the victim. “After aggressive sessions with police, they come away feeling they are the wrongdoers” their memorandum states.

“There have been seven attacks in Bangalore and assaults take place everyday in other parts of the state, especially Mangalore. The burkha ban is ridiculous. Here they attack us for wearing jeans and there they have problems with women covering their bodies? What are we doing?” said a furious Shakun Mohini, a member of Vimochana.

The protesters came up with colourful posters and slogans like ‘Stop cultural fascism’, ‘Do you enjoy seeing women being beaten up? Be a man!’, and a helpline too: ‘Single and looking for help? Call me on 9986804264’.

Awareness campaign from 6 pm: People will gather at five locations across the city ‘Take Back The Night, Take Back Our Streets’ at 9 pm: Gathering at Bannappa Park new-picture-15

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