Karnataka:Constables Quit Police Service

COP-OUTS on the rise

Constables Quit Police Service, Turn To Teaching

N D Shiva Kumar | TNN

Bangalore: Khaki, the symbol of power, is losing its charm. And in the changing scenario, cops prefer the ‘stick’ over the ‘lathi’ and are back in schools as teachers.

Unemployed youth, who once queued up to join the police, are walking out with regularity. In two years (2007 and 2008), 522 youth quit immediately after joining. Attrition is highest in Bangalore and Gulbarga. During this period, the police department recruited 6,917 civil, 4,288 armed and 992 women constables.

Those who remain in service want to be civil police constables or officers (sub-inspectors) rather than armed constables — nine armed PCs left to become civil constables and 10 quit to become SIs.

The attrition is highest — in terms of numbers and not percentage — in Bangalore (97) and Gulbarga (62) districts. There is zero attrition in Dharwad and Chikballapur.


“Till 2000, recruitment was done at the district level. Now, it is centralized and hence we have the statistics. There was no compilation or analysis of attrition rate in those days, so we don’t know,’’ explained additional director general of police (recruitment and training), CoD, S T Ramesh.

The attrition rate varies between southern Karnataka, Hyderabad-Karnataka and Mumbai-Karnataka regions. “Attrition is low in North Karnataka. In Southern Karnataka, police service is one of the options.

They join the force for the job, but the moment they get a better one, they quit,” said CoD DIG (recruitment and training) Sunil Agarwal.

Curiously, those who have quit have turned to teaching — as many as 93% (483 constables) of those who quit have become teachers. They include the 97 who quit in Bangalore and 62 who resigned in Gulbarga.
The survey ‘A profile of junior ranks of Karnataka police — A survey of their attitudes, behaviour, mental makeup and stress levels’ conducted by CoD DGP D V Guruprasad had shown that joining the police was not the first priority for youth, who preferred to teach than be cops.
The survey had revealed that serving policemen disliked their job because of harassment by senior officers, too much work, political pressure and interference, higher officers listening to gossip, lack of social life, no leave and corruption.

The analysis of the attrition has proved that even if they fail to become teachers, the resigned youth preferred to be clerks at the postal department, KSRTC or court.
Is the trend a cause of concern? Ramesh does not feel so. He said: “Attrition happens in all sectors, including IPS. I think it isn’t a matter of worry. It’s normal.’’

Harassment by senior officers Huge and unreasonable amount of workload Interference by politicians and pressure from influential people Lack of social life , No leave,  Corruption in the department

In educationally and industrially backward Hyderabad-Karnataka region, government or petty jobs are the main source of employment.

In Mumbai-Karnataka region, people love to be in the police service.

There, it’s not about employment but prestige. Even youths from well-to-do families want to be SIs, and hence the region produces more officers


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