Bangalore: Unmanned railway crossing



Who’ll manage tracks under flyover?


Bangalore: If BBMP and the railways sort out differences on who should manage the railway track under the Lingarajapuram flyover, there could be a quick solution to unauthorized crossing of railway tracks.
Railways officials told TOI that railways and BBMP have been communicating on the issue for at least two to three years. The most recent communication was around October-November 2008 — essentially on who should manage the track under the flyover.
The railways contend that the
track is not eligible to be described as an unmanned crossing as all unmanned crossings are authorized places of crossing. However, the Lingarajapuram track is declared as unauthorized crossing because there is a road-over-bridge or flyover for vehicular movement above the track as per a legal agreement.
The railways also said considering the high traffic on the Lingarajapuram main road, a manned gate was not feasible and after the flyover was built, the entire area was declared unauthorized.
A railways official says: “We put up barriers twice and both times they were removed by people. We are wondering if the BBMP has to now intervene and bring about some resolution as it involves movement of citizens, goods and vehicles.”
The cost of putting up a shelter and equipment for manned guarding is Rs 50-60 lakh and the railways has to hire three guards for three shifts and pay them minimum wages. “We have already spent Rs 10 crore on the flyover and on an underbridge. Should we again incur cost on manning the tracks?” railways officials asked.
Though the railways said the BBMP had agreed to build a road under-bridge, the latter said there was no such proposal but that it was willing to conduct a joint inspection to resolve the issue.
However, the railways said they were willing to put up the barrier/gate if the BBMP is ready to bear the cost.

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