BSES:Increase in Tariffs protest byNGO

While  privatisation of power distribution has gone a long way in reducing breakdowns and improvement in billing etc the major drawback has been in abnormal increase in rates and exorbitant billings.

What is worse the yearly round of the Power distribution companies to increase tariffs across board. The Govt of Delhi unfortunately does not take up issues of rates with the BSES seriously. It is almost as if the Govt of Delhi is in collusion with BSES in this matter.

Over 40% of power drawn in Delhi is unaccounted for. It is very conveniently called ‘losses in distribution’ or ‘transmission losses’ In actual fact these losses are nothing but theft by industries and many residential areas. The political class is not willing to take any action against illegal drawal of power for reasons of vote bank and money bank.

Honest customers who pay their bills regularly are penalised with higher and higher tariffs every year to cope up with ‘transmission losses’.

The way the whole drama of increase in taxes is enacted is clearly brought out in the latest letter by CHETNA to the Govt of Delhi.

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