Attacking docs? Delhi must follow Karnataka

Attacking docs? In Karnataka You may land in jail

Bill Passed To Protect Doctors, Nurses Against Assault

There have been one too many incidents of relatives barging into hospitals and nursing homes, and beating up doctors and nursing staff.

There is hardly a day when doctors and nurses in Delhi government hospitals are not threatened or man handled. Lax provisions of security in govt hospitals, combined with under staffing and over crowding is sure recipe for short fuses. Add to this the extraordinary number of persons who accompany a patient especially if they are from neighbouring villages. Sure reciepe for disaster.

Government of DElhi must also move to make sercive conditions for doctors and nursing staff more secure.

Anil Kumar M | TNN

Bangalore: Think twice before attacking a doctor or a nurse on duty or damaging hospital property. It could land you in jail.

Warning parents and guardians who attacked duty doctors and damaged hospital property following baseless reports of deaths of children given polio drops on Sunday, the government has come to the aid of doctors and attendants of patients.

The state cabinet passed a Bill titled Karnataka Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage to Property) Bill 2008.

Referring to the attack on hospitals following the scare created by rumour mongers, sources in the medical education department said: “There is a disturbing tendency of hospitals being ransacked and doctors beaten up. We want to create an atmosphere where doctors can perform their duties in safety.

As it’s the government’s duty to protect hospital property and medicare staff, the Bill has been given the cabinet nod. The rules have to be framed. Severe action will be taken against persons attacking doctors.’’

After two days of worried parents flocking to city hospitals, the rush ebbed on Tuesday. Hospitals reported that there were no cases of parents bringing their children for a check-up related to pulse polio vaccination.

Resident medical officer of Vani Villas Hospital, Narayan Gowda, confirmed that doctors there treated children for different health problems. Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital too did not get any children for vaccination problems

ON THE CARDS Three-year jail term if convicted Fine up to Rs 50,000 Non-cognizable offence Similar law in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Haryana

BSES:Increase in Tariffs protest byNGO

While  privatisation of power distribution has gone a long way in reducing breakdowns and improvement in billing etc the major drawback has been in abnormal increase in rates and exorbitant billings.

What is worse the yearly round of the Power distribution companies to increase tariffs across board. The Govt of Delhi unfortunately does not take up issues of rates with the BSES seriously. It is almost as if the Govt of Delhi is in collusion with BSES in this matter.

Over 40% of power drawn in Delhi is unaccounted for. It is very conveniently called ‘losses in distribution’ or ‘transmission losses’ In actual fact these losses are nothing but theft by industries and many residential areas. The political class is not willing to take any action against illegal drawal of power for reasons of vote bank and money bank.

Honest customers who pay their bills regularly are penalised with higher and higher tariffs every year to cope up with ‘transmission losses’.

The way the whole drama of increase in taxes is enacted is clearly brought out in the latest letter by CHETNA to the Govt of Delhi.

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