RTI: Can DTC Ticket checking staff stop buses for long periods?

Mr JR Lal, Chairman of Committee for Social justice , CAPRG

has asked the Dy. Chief General Manager (Law),DTC HQ, Information in respect of Ticket Checkers who check tickets of passengers in DTC buses on a designated journey :-

(1) Please provide me a copy of the rules / instructions which govern Ticket Checkers.

(2) Please inform me of the charter of duties of Ticket Checkers.

(3) Please inform me whether any uniform has been prescribed for Ticket Checkers. If so please provide me complete details of items of their uniforms.

(4) Please inform me in what circumstances they are exempted from bearing the uniform, if prescribed.

(5) Please inform me whether they are issued any Identity Card by DTC.

(6) Please provide me the certified copy of rules/directions/instructions which a Ticket Checker should abide while checking the tickets of passengers in a bus on a designated journey.

(7) Please inform me whether Ticket Checker/ Checkers can hold up the bus from moving till such time the tickets of the passengers in a bus are checked.

(8) Please inform me of the rulings/orders of a court of law, if any, ever delivered in regard to the duties and conduct of the Ticket Checkers.

(9) Please inform me whether any Consumer Court has ever imposed any penalty or fine or compensation to be paid from the pocket of Ticket Checker(s). If so please provide me the details of those cases.

(10) Please inform me the course of action which a passenger should adopt if he comes across to any action of a Ticket Checker which prima facie violates his charter of duties or for a deemed misconduct.

2. Information required is concurrent.

3. I do not belong to BPL category.

7. Details of Fee paid Sending herewith Indian Postal Order no. 59E 135138 for Rs. 10/- as fee. Particulars of the designated Drawing Officer may please be filled in at your end for encashment.

(J. R. LAL)

Date : 15.11.2008 A P P L I C A N T

Encl. 1 (IPO)

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