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Police’s clean chit fails to help techie save job

Nitesh Kumar Sharma | TNN

Jaipur: Rashid Ahmed Khan had an unexpected visitor on June 1. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) was at his door to take him into custody for his suspected involvement in the Jaipur blasts.
Khan was interrogated for eight days before the SIT released him, saying they had no evidence against him. But now, his employer Infosys BPO Ltd has sacked him on grounds of ‘deceit’. Khan has approached the labour commissioner saying his company’s action is “unjustified’’.

The engineer’s detention was highlighted by the Jaipur police as a “major success” in the May 13 blasts probe. The police had detained him for his association with the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

Rashid said he had severed links with the SIMI ever since it was outlawed in 2001. He also came out clean as the police had nothing to prove his involvement in the blasts.
But the exoneration notwithstanding, the BTech engineer’s torment was far from over. Infosys sacked him saying he had lied while taking up his job, claiming to have taught in a college for two years while he had done so for three years.

Khan says he joined Infosys’s Jaipur office on August 10, 2005. Earlier, he worked as a lecturer with an engineering college in Patna, his native town. “As I had worked at the Patna college for three years, but showed an experience of two years as a lecturer, the company raised an objection terming it as a deceit on my part,” Khan told TOI, adding he received a termination letter from the company on August 10.

“When I went back to my company (after being released from the SIT’s custody), I was told to take one week’s rest. After one week, they again gave me another week’s leave. On June 23, I was asked to turn up before a company panel and was told they had some queries regarding my experience as a college lecturer,’’ said Khan.

I have filed an application with the labour commissioner demanding action against the company as allegations levelled against me are baseless. Neither the SIT nor the company could prove anything against me,’’ he added. When TOI contacted labour commissioner S M Meena for comments, he said he was not aware of the complaint.


Indian democracy unfair to Muslims, says Shabana

‘I Couldn’t Buy Flat In Mumbai Because Of My Religion’

New Delhi: Although Muslims are safer in this country than in other parts of the world as they have a stake and space in Indian democracy, Indian democracy is unfair to Muslims, says Shabana Azmi, actor and former MP.

In an interview to a channel, Azmi said, “I think there isn’t enough understanding of the fact that in a democracy how you treat the security of the minority must be very important for the success of a democracy. You can’t only make token gestures and actually let them be in the state that they are as the Rajinder Sachar Committee report shows. So what happens is token gestures are made but real issues are never addressed.”

Azmi said Indian politics has been unfair to Muslims and despite Indian secularism, Muslims are discriminated against. She said she couldn’t buy a house in Mumbai because she was a Muslim. “I wanted to buy a flat in Bombay and it wasn’t given to me because I was a Muslim and I read the same about Saif (Ali Khan). Now, I mean, if Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi can’t get a flat in Bombay because they are Muslims, then what are we talking about?”

Talking about the Kashmir violence having a wider communal ramification, she said, “That’s why I am so distressed over what is happening in Kashmir. For heaven’s sake, it should be brought to a stop and it should have been brought to a stop right when they started that nonsense.”

But she agreed it was the responsibility of the Muslim leadership to change their community’s image. “I don’t think the Muslim leadership has bothered to clear the air about what Islam actually is.” TNN

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