Astrologers and Tantriks: All varities

There are Good ones and Bad ones

Desi astrologer approached to find lost man in Mexico

Gopal Tekwani was contacted by a Mexican citizen who has been desperately looking for his policeman brother kidnapped by an infamous drug cartel in July


Mumbai astrologer Gopal Tekwani who predicted MNS chief Raj Thackeray’s separation from the Shiv Sena much before he moved out, has now been approached by a Mexican family to trace their son, a police commandant, kidnapped by a drug cartel in Mexico.

On July 14, Commandant Gerardo Valdes was kidnapped by six men while driving in Saltillo in Mexico. Police said an unidentified man called them and claimed that Valdes had been taken by the infamous drug cartel Juarez. The entire police machinery was pressed into service to trace Valdes. Three weeks after Valdes disappeared and with the police having no luck finding him, his brother Norberto approached Tekwani through a common friend.

“Tekwani also predicts the future on the phone. Some of the things he said about me were accurate and that’s when I decided to ask him to help find my brother,” said Norberto, one of the eleven Valdes siblings, who works as consultant for a risk management firm.

Tekwani said, “The family approached me some weeks ago wanting to find out the whereabouts of their son. At this stage I can only say that Gerardo is guarded by two police gun yielding men, dressed up in some kind of army attire. I have also described the features of one of the kidnappers to an artist and have sent it to the family.”

“Norberto contacted me through a common friend called Firdous Patel who works with him in the same organisation,” Tekwani added.

As per reports in the US, the government there has deployed 25,000 soldiers across the country to battle drug gangs which have responded with bold attacks on the military and police. Over 4,000 people have been killed in turf wars, assassinations and shootouts since 2005.


Tekwani, a treasurer of the Bombay Pradesh Youth Congress Committee till 1985, has made a number of accurate predictions. In 2000, he started helping others too. With his level of accuracy, Tekwani has even been approached by Bollywood personalities and politicians.

‘Tantrik’ cheats man of Rs 3.15 lakh

Police raided the Bhayandar apartment of Abdul Sattar and seized a stock of condoms and pornographic material after the victim complained


A s e l f – p r o c l a i m e d tantrik who claimed of curing all ailments, has been arrested from a Bhayandar apartment. A Dadar-based man complained about being swindled of Rs 3.15 lakh by him.

When the Mira Road police raided the tantrik’s apartment, they found used condoms and a stock of fresh condoms as also pornographic materials.
Abdul Sattar, 25, had been operating from an apartment on Navghar Road in Bhayandar (E) for the past few months.

He used to advertise in Marathi dailies and on the local cable about his expertise in curing ‘any’ ailment.

He used to charge around Rs 300 per ‘client.’
Ketan Patel (name changed) had taken his wife to the tantrik for a cure, in early August.

She was mentally disturbed and also had a gynaecological problem. Sattar took her to a room and switched off the lights while ‘examining’ her.
After this, Sattar charged Patel Rs 3.15 lakh as fees to cure her, saying his wife ‘had been possessed by a spirit.’ Patel agreed.
But in spite of paying the entire amount when his wife remained sick, Patel demanded a refund, which the tantrik refused. Patel had taken the amount from his Provident Fund account.

Finally, Patel complained to the Mira Road police station who arrested Sattar under Section 420 (cheating) of the IPC late on Friday evening. Two of his associates are absconding, said PSI Pandurang Khedkar of Mira Road police station.

When the police raided the apartment, used condoms were strewn all over the room where the tantrik conducted his rituals.
Police also seized a carton of condoms.

According to neighbours, every week, a person armed with a video camera visited the tantrik. A few times, the neighbours also saw the person leaving with a bagful of CDs.

“We are investigating whether the tantrik was involved in a blue film racket,” said a police official.

The ‘tantrik’ Abdul Sattar, who was arrested by the Mira Road police

A Shameful Episode of Savagery

THRILLED WITH the UPA’s victory in the trust vote on July 22, Samajwadi Party MLA from Madhya Pradesh Kishore Samrite sacrificed 245 goats and four buffaloes at the Kamakhya temple over the weekend.

Samrite, a self-proclaimed devotee of the Mother Goddess, had reportedly sacrificed a goat for his party’s well being earlier too. He was accompanied by two other party men.

“I’ve come here to invoke blessings for the stability of the UPA government and for world peace,” said Samrite.

Outraged by the act, activists of the Animal rights group People for Animals (Assam chapter) staged a protest outside the temple. “The animal sacrifices were a violation of all ethical norms. We have filed a police report against the legislator,” said Sangeeta Goswami, a PFA activist.

But the MLA argued that animal sacrifice is a centuries-old tradition at Kamakhya and that there was nothing wrong in it.

Meanwhile, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on Tuesday wrote to SP boss Mu layam Singh Yadav urging them to stop Samrite. “Animal sacrifice has no place in Indian culture.

Killing an animal to cele brate your victory in the parliament is a blatant show of cruelty towards ani mals,” said PETA chief functionary Anuradha Sawhney .

The Kamakhya, a Shakti shrine famous for Tantrik rituals, is one of the 51 holy Hindu peethas.

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