Andher Nagari: Delhi: Killing innocents in broad daylight

It appears Delhi is overtaking UP and Bihar as a crime center.

The impunity with which gangs are moving around on motor cycles with automatic weapons targeting women and men, shooting to kill innocent persons is a terrible indictment on Delhi Police. Car jackings used to take place in Noida, now they are regular in the capital city of Delhi too.

The tragedy of Delhi’s citizens is their vulnerability to violence.

VIPs and their children live in special areas i Luteyens Delhi, and are protected by trained  commandos from NSG, SSB, CRPF, BSF, DElhi Police and a host of other security agencievs.

Delhi government the elected body of the people of Delhi has no control over the police or the law and order.

Law and order and the Delhi police are under departments and persons who are not answerable to the citizens of Delhi.

Citizens of Delhi have no one to turn to.

Can the situation for the common man ever improve?

Two recently reported incidents:

Passerby is shot trying to stop chain snatched

Dwaipayan Ghosh | TNN

New Delhi: Showing exceptional bravery, a 24-year-old man lost his life while grappling with armed robbers who were trying to escape on a motorcycle after snatching a gold chain from a woman early Tuesday morning. An eyewitness said, Nanhe Valmiki, who worked as a cattle herder, had held one of the robbers in a tight embrace to prevent him from escaping when he was shot in the head from point-blank range by his accomplice.

Valmiki died on the spot.

Police later said the robbers were carrying an automatic weapon.

The incident took place around 7.45am at Bank Colony near Nand Nagri in northeast Delhi. Valmiki had tried to stop the robbers knowing they were armed. Just moments earlier, they had shot another person in the leg for attempting to cut off their escape. The injured man, 32-year-old Naharul Islam, was stated to be out of danger by doctors at GTB Hospital.

Police have registered a case of murder, attempt to murder and robbery against the unknown assailants. ‘‘We may register another case under the Arms Act for illegal possession of arms,’’ said a senior police officer.

Rajni Devi, 54, whose chain the robbers had snatched, told TOI, ‘‘Around 7.45am, I stepped of the house with my three-anda-half-year-old granddaughter. It was her first day of school. We had hardly covered 20 metres when I found two men coming towards us on a red bike.’’ As the bike crossed Rajni, she felt a sharp pain in her neck.

Nand Nagri eyewitnesses didn’t watch passively

Snatching Victim’s Neighbour Picked Up Stone And Threw At Robbers, Only To Be Shot At

New Delhi: Rajni Devi, whose chain the robbers had snatched on Tuesday morning, said: ‘‘I realized that the pillion rider had pulled away my gold chain and immediately raised an alarm.’’ The woman saw her next-door neighbour, Naharul Islam, come to her aid. ‘‘He was trying to pick up a stone and aim at my assailants, when I heard a sharp sound like a bullet shot and found Naharul lying in a pool of blood. He was shot in his left leg.’’

By this time, Rajni Devi said she was too shocked and all her attention went towards ensuring the safety of her granddaughter. ‘‘However, I did hear two more bullet shots. Later, I came to know that a cattle herder had lost his life trying to stop the robbers from fleeing,’’ she said. Renu (30), wife of the injured businessman, Naharul, who owns a plastic manufacturing unit, said she heard a ‘‘huge cracking sound’’ and came rushing out of her house. ‘‘I found my husband lying in a pool of blood. A little ahead I saw two men in their mid-twenties reversing the motorcycle and trying to flee.’’ Renu said after the robbers had travelled about 50 metres, Valmiki grabbed the rider and embraced him firmly to stop them from escaping.

‘‘To my horror, the pillion rider shot him in the head from pointblank range. He died immediately. The assailants fired another round in the air before fleeing,’’ she said. Jaipal (45), the deceased’s father, said at the GTB mortuary that his son never thought about his own safety before helping someone.

‘‘Some may say he was foolish to have rushed in at a time when his assailants had already shot at someone. But, he had always been a braveheart,’’ he said. Valmiki lived in Mandoli village.
Police said that an organized gang was behind the crime.

‘‘We are trying to locate the bike and have received some positive tip-offs. It’s the automatic weapon used in the robbery that has shocked us the most,’’ said a senior police officer.

Resisting robbers, man shot 9 times

Dwaipayan Ghosh | TNN

New Delhi: A 54-year-old employee of a retail store run by a leading mobile manufacturer was killed resisting a robbery attempt by two youths after he refused to let go of a bag containing Rs 1.35 lakh even when bullet after bullet was pumped into him. According to eyewitnesses, the victim, Mahesh Kapur, finally slumped to the ground after nine shots were fired at him and the robbers made off with the cash at the busy Vikas Marg in east Delhi on Tuesday noon.

The robbers struck just as Kapur was about to enter the store after withdrawing cash from a bank in Preet Vihar. An eye witness said Kapur clasped the sling-bag firmly when he saw the two helmeted assailants, who had apparently followed him from the bank, approach him. They tried to snatch the bag but failed. ‘‘The victim was initially shot in his thighs. When he refused to budge, he was shot again in his arms. He was then dragged for 10 metres by the assailants even after which they failed to release the bag from his iron grip. As a last resort, the assailants shot him fatally on the chest,’’ a police officer said.

MURDER AT NOON Enraged shopkeepers spill on to streets in protest

New Delhi: Mahesh Kapur, who was shot by robbers on Vikas Marg on Tuesday, was a resident of Geeta Colony and was to proceed on leave from Wednesday as his son was getting married next week.

Enraged shopkeepers of the area blocked traffic for about an hour late in the evening to protest against the incident. ‘‘It seems that the two youths were following the scooter from the bank. When he reached the shop in Shakarpur near Vikas Marg, he got down to park his scooter a few metres from the shop. It was then that the two assailants, both in their mid-twenties, approached him,’’ said Ajay Chaudhry, DCP (East).

‘‘The two assailants then fired nine bullets into Kapur’s chest and stomach from point blank range. As Kapur slumped to the ground, they picked up the cash bag and ran towards their motorbike. They fled through the bylanes leading towards Lakshmi Nagar,’’ said DCP Chaudhry.
The local shopkeepers rushed him to Walia Nursing Home across the road where the doctors declared him ‘‘brought dead’’.

DCP Chaudhry added that the cops had recovered bullets of two different makes. ‘‘It indicates that both assailants had fired at Kapur,’’ he said. Senior officials who visited the crime scene said the assailants seemed to be carrying modern weapons. ‘‘Country-made pistols would never have been so effective,’’ said a senior cop.

‘‘We are trying to identify gangs who operate on a similar modus operandi in Delhi and its neighbouring areas. We are also not ruling out the role of some locals who might have been involved in the crime. We are investigating all possible angles.’’ added the DCP (east).

A case of robbery and murder has been registered at the Shakarpur police station. Meanwhile, speaking to Times City, Pradip Katyal, the proprietor of the shop in which the Kapur was employed said that he had asked him to withdraw the money and deposit it in another bank.

‘‘He was with us for the past three years. It was his honesty that let me allow him to handle the finances,’’ he said.

Rajiv Kapur, the youngest brother of the deceased said that the family was in a shock. ‘‘His only son was to get engaged on July 14 and he had decided to go on leave in the next couple of days in order to oversee the final preparations,’’ he said.

Honesty cost him his life: Family

Dwaipayan Ghosh & Ashirbad S Raha | TNN

New Delhi: On Tuesday, life changed forever for the Kapurs of Geeta Colony. A family that was busy preparing for the engagement of their only son Rohit (24), in a cruel twist of fate had to arrange for the funeral of the head of the family, Mahesh Kapur (54).
Kapur lost his life on Tuesday morning when two motorcycle-borne assailants shot him and fled with Rs 1.35 lakh in cash. The incident took place in front of the retail outlet of a leading mobile phone company where the victim had been working for the last three years, on busy Vikas Marg in east Delhi.

‘‘Tuesday was supposed to be the last day for Mahesh at work before he went on leave to prepare for his son’s engagement, but fate had different plans,’’ said a family friend.
Rajiv, the victim’s younger brother, said the family was too shocked to even decide whether to call off the engagement or go ahead with it. ‘‘Rohit works in a call centre that caters to customers of a leading mobile service provider. All his friends were waiting for his big day. Now, all of them are consoling him,’’ said a relative.

‘‘Mahesh was an honest man. It was his honesty that made him take on the robbers on Tuesday to save the money that did not even belong to him,’’ said a family friend of the Kapurs. The family alleged the police was doing little to help. ‘‘No senior officer has visited us yet nor have we been briefed about the latest developments,’’ said a relative. Police said they would talk to the family on Wednesday. ‘‘We are questioning eyewitnesses. Prima facie, it appears that it was not a case of personal enmity,’’ said Ajay Chaudhry, DCP (East).

Faridabad: Water problems and likely solutions

Reverse Osmosis  at tubewells, plan to tap more groundwater


Faridabad: The boom in real estate in Faridabad has coincided with a rapid growth in population. It is expected to reach the 15.37-lakh mark by 2011. By 2021, about 21.34 lakh people will live in Faridabad, a figure which is expected to jump to 28.46 lakh by 2031.
The city depends primarily on groundwater and the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF) has submitted a Rs 978.77-crore plan to the Centre for improving drinking water supply under JNNURM.

The present population of Faridabad is about 13.37 lakh and its daily water requirement about 201 million litres (MLD). It taps about 115 MLD from 420 deep tubewells and nearly 25 MLD is drawn from two ranney wells located along the Yamuna. The river runs along the length of Faridabad-Ballabgarh at a distance of about 10 km.

Officials say this is not enough and the situation will become critical as the city grows. ‘‘That’s the reason why we have prepared a master plan which is targeted at both short-term and long-term plans. We have included installation of a reverse osmosis (RO) system at the tubewells,’’ says MCF commissioner R K Khullar.

The MCF is likely to spend Rs 137.77 crore in the first phase to increase the supply of drinking water and also improve its quality. This includes setting up of small sewerage treatment plants and provisions for rain water harvesting. ‘‘We have proposed treatment of at least 105 MLD of sewer water in the first phase. The treated water will be used for horticulture purposes,’’ reveals a senior MCF official. An investment of Rs 46.45 crore was required for these facilities.

In this phase, Rs 30.75 crore will be spent for digging 60 new tubewells and laying water supply lines along the Agra-Gurgaon canal. The installation of RO systems will need another Rs 19.35 crore. ‘‘If this plan is approved by the Centre, there will be improvement in water supply in the next six months,’’ an official said.

According to long-term plans, a massive Rs 681 crore will be spent to construct 22 new ranney wells, 147 tubewells, reservoirs and a main feeder. This plan has been prepared keeping in mind the population growth by 2031. Under the plan, Rs 136.43 crore will be spent on laying 645 km of pipelines for the existing water supply network.

Total area | 207.88 sq km (approx) Population | 13.4 lakh (based on 2001 census) No of industries| Over
Authorities responsible for city development | MCF, HUDA & DTCP Water demand| Around
201 MLD
Water supply | Around
140 MLD
Daily solid waste generation | 480 tonnes Waste management plant | None Total road network |
1,218 km
New development region (Neher Paar) will spread over | 5,000 acres (approx)