KERALA CHURCH : Panel against sending girls below 18 yrs to convents

Panel against sending girls below 18 yrs to convents

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Sparking a furore in the Church in Kerala, the state women’s commission has called for a law to ensure that girls are not forced to take up the life of a nun before they reach 18 years of age.The panel headed by Justice D Sridevi gave the recommendation on a complaint by Augustine of Thodupuzha in Idukki district.

The complaint referred to instances in the convents where a nun reportedly committed suicide upset with her life. He also cited cases where girls who had been “given” in the service of the church later decided to renounce it and return home, only to find themselves isolated.

“After going through it, we felt that sending girls to convent before they turn 18 would not be proper as they cannot be said to be exercising their free will then. Sometimes it so happens that they grow dejected of their life as a nun and want to come back. But by then their properties would have been usurped by their kin,” Justice Sridevi said.

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