Delhi: Zonal offices to give birth certificates

Zonal offices to give birth certificates


Ruhi Bhasin I TNN


       New Delhi: Soon you will be able to get a copy of a death or birth certificate from any of the MCD’s zonal offices. The civic agency is planning to update this facility. According to MCD commissioner K S Mehra, work on this front is in process.

       The MCD began with the registration of online birth and death facility around four years ago. Until now, the practice has been that you can only collect certificates from citizen’s service bureaus of zonal offices in which the hospital — where the birth has taken place — comes under.

      Says Mehra: “We are working out details for allowing a person to pick up either of the certificates from any zonal office as per convenience. According to officials, this facility will be in place by July so you can pick up the birth or death certificate from any of the zonal offices.” Says the official: “Earlier a person could only go to the zonal office, where the hospital or cremation ground was located for collecting the required certificate.’’ Around 400 hospitals across the city are connected to this online service.

      A private company called ECIL has prepared the software for the online birth and death certificate project and is the service provider too and it gets a share for every transaction made online. People can get the certificates couriered. The project is part of the civic agency’s e-governance initiative.

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  1. pls issu my doughter birth certificate her bate of birth 24/7/03

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