NRI:Bangalore girl Neela is pride of NASA

Prashanth G N | TNN


Bangalore: Yet another Bangalorean at NASA has done the city proud. Neela Iyengar, alumna of Mount Carmel College (MCC), won a NASA award for her contribution to flight safety and success of two US missions to the International Space Station (ISS). 

       Iyengar was presented the Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Program award for resolving technical incompatibilities in flight missions STS-122 and STS-123 prior to flight to the ISS. An electrical engineer with Lockheed Martin at Johnson Space Center, Texas, Iyengar was instrumental in resolving technical problems with flight support equipment hardware used to launch, land and stow critical space station programs. 

       On STS-122, Iyengar “resolved an issue with interchangeability between the Columbus adapter and the flight releaseable electrical connectors” and on STS-123, she “identified a wiring incompatibility between an adapter plate assembly and a flight mechanism on the Columbus module”.

       Her work was crucial in securing the safety of astronauts as much depends on engineers to ensure perfection in operation of sub-systems on flights to the space station.

Neela dedicated worker: NASA

     Bangalore: Neela Iyengar, who has won a NASA award, works with the the agency’s Space Flight Awareness program, which is primarily oriented to enhance mutual dependence of astronauts and engineers. 

       NASA puts SFA and Iyengar’s role in perspective: “Everyone associated with the human space program is party to an unwritten contract with our astraunauts. The purpose of SFA is to formalise the unwritten contract. SFA exists for one reason — to guarantee that we shall never forget that flight crews depend on each of us to be the best we can be. Our astraunauts ask no more and we can give nothing less.”
         NASA said: “Neela is a dedicated and hardworking individual who is eager and willing to do whatever is required to ensure the success of each mission she has worked for.” 

      Neela Iyengar is the daughter of well-known econometrician late Prof N S Iyengar. 

      NASA’s vision on SFA underlines the importance of her work. “Space Flight Awareness embraces all of human space flight, no one is exempt. If you work on a human space program, whatever your job, your performance is important to crew safety and mission success.”






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