MTNL Broad Band: Delhi In Bad Shape: Poor Servcice

Since two months MTNL Broadband is difficult to connect.

Connection not through for 8-10 hours at a stretch.

Many complain of problems of connection .

It is not available for reasons best known to MTNL only.

Response to 1500 is (normally after 2/3 diallings) please ring up 1504 for technical problems.

1504 will make you wait initially for 100 seconds then another and another.

After 200 odd seconds the line is simply cut off. You cannot get any operator on line.

Letters to MTNL do not produce any results.

Some letters reproduced:


MTNL Net does not work

Being a responsible government official, I am a hardcore user of indigenous technology and services. However, my nationalism cost me dearly when I gave preference to MTNL broadband over private networks like Airtel and Reliance.

The connection was installed after several reminders on April 11. However, the records showed the date of installation as April 2 and by that time more than 200 mbps were already consumed by some mysterious user. Besides, during the past six weeks I was able to connect to the Internet only five or six times and the usage was not more than 50 mbps. However, I was still billed for the extra 188 mbps in addition to 400 mbps and had to pay an additional Rs 350 as usage charges.

Meanwhile, whenever I try to log a complaint on 1504 none of the MTNL operators attend to the complaint. They either hang up without even listening to my complaint or give a standard reply that the server is down.

I have sent innumerable e- mails and faxes to the CGM, MTNL in this regard but in vain.

Rajneesh Batra Paschim Vihar

Dated: 25 May 08, 11-35AM

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please refer to my earlier complaints for Broadband & IPTV connection on phone no. 26171135 also. Though I hv been in telephonic touch with Mr Dahiya, SDO & Mr Bahuguna of MTNL for their co-operation in fault remedial actions but even if fault removal is done, its very short livid. Seems problem is in Server & even these above named officials are also not able to solve the problem fully. Many of my other friends are also complaining that MTNL’s broadband service is not at all satisfactory these days.

There has been repeated break down of signals during last couple of days. However from yesterday afternoon IPTV is not working at all despite Broadband is working in phases. In present day technology experts talk of Sigma 6 but I fail to understand why service of organisation of stature like MTNL is so poor.

Further I want to submit that though at the time of booking IPTV I was told that there will be no MB usage/consumption in IPTV connection. I can show you that daily when my Computer is OFF & IPTV is on & on checking the Net usage at first available opportunity of starting the Net & Computer, I find there has been considerable consumption of MB usage. This consumption amounts to my hard earned MONEY. You will appreciate that why a customer should pay for such usages when before the contract he is told that he will not be charged. Pl look in to this aspect also.

Kindly take IMMEDIATE necessary action.


Dhruv Watwani

Mumbai MTNL does not have such problems. Delhi has. Why?