MTNL Broad Band: Delhi In Bad Shape: Poor Servcice

Since two months MTNL Broadband is difficult to connect.

Connection not through for 8-10 hours at a stretch.

Many complain of problems of connection .

It is not available for reasons best known to MTNL only.

Response to 1500 is (normally after 2/3 diallings) please ring up 1504 for technical problems.

1504 will make you wait initially for 100 seconds then another and another.

After 200 odd seconds the line is simply cut off. You cannot get any operator on line.

Letters to MTNL do not produce any results.

Some letters reproduced:


MTNL Net does not work

Being a responsible government official, I am a hardcore user of indigenous technology and services. However, my nationalism cost me dearly when I gave preference to MTNL broadband over private networks like Airtel and Reliance.

The connection was installed after several reminders on April 11. However, the records showed the date of installation as April 2 and by that time more than 200 mbps were already consumed by some mysterious user. Besides, during the past six weeks I was able to connect to the Internet only five or six times and the usage was not more than 50 mbps. However, I was still billed for the extra 188 mbps in addition to 400 mbps and had to pay an additional Rs 350 as usage charges.

Meanwhile, whenever I try to log a complaint on 1504 none of the MTNL operators attend to the complaint. They either hang up without even listening to my complaint or give a standard reply that the server is down.

I have sent innumerable e- mails and faxes to the CGM, MTNL in this regard but in vain.

Rajneesh Batra Paschim Vihar

Dated: 25 May 08, 11-35AM

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please refer to my earlier complaints for Broadband & IPTV connection on phone no. 26171135 also. Though I hv been in telephonic touch with Mr Dahiya, SDO & Mr Bahuguna of MTNL for their co-operation in fault remedial actions but even if fault removal is done, its very short livid. Seems problem is in Server & even these above named officials are also not able to solve the problem fully. Many of my other friends are also complaining that MTNL’s broadband service is not at all satisfactory these days.

There has been repeated break down of signals during last couple of days. However from yesterday afternoon IPTV is not working at all despite Broadband is working in phases. In present day technology experts talk of Sigma 6 but I fail to understand why service of organisation of stature like MTNL is so poor.

Further I want to submit that though at the time of booking IPTV I was told that there will be no MB usage/consumption in IPTV connection. I can show you that daily when my Computer is OFF & IPTV is on & on checking the Net usage at first available opportunity of starting the Net & Computer, I find there has been considerable consumption of MB usage. This consumption amounts to my hard earned MONEY. You will appreciate that why a customer should pay for such usages when before the contract he is told that he will not be charged. Pl look in to this aspect also.

Kindly take IMMEDIATE necessary action.


Dhruv Watwani

Mumbai MTNL does not have such problems. Delhi has. Why?

Laugh or Cry: Delhi Police, Security and CC TVs

CCTVs lie defunct in Delhi’s hot spots

By Bhuvan Bagga in New Delhi

THE CAPITAL is in a heightened state of terror alert after the Jaipur blasts, but some of the most sensitive locations in the city have become even more vulnerable. Reason: the surveillance cameras installed only afew months ago at the cost of about Rs 3crore are defunct and the control rooms abandoned.

The cameras which the Delhi Police had installed in places near the Rashtrapati Bhavan and in crowded locations such as Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar market are unlikely to become operational soon.

This is because SCORE Information and Technologies, the Gurgaon- based company that was awarded the contract to install and maintain the security cameras has withdrawn its engineers from the project after a row with the Delhi Police. According to the police, an internal audit found the CCTVs “to be short on quality”.

The men- in- uniform blamed the company for providing substandard services. Upset over this, the SCORE officials have decided to move the Delhi High Court against the allegations. The company had installed 82 CCTV cameras at Rashtrapati Bhavan, 30 at Lajpat Nagar and another 25 at Sarojini Nagar market. “But after the company completed its work our internal audit found them short on many of the quality and supply parameters.

There were problems in the cameras. So it was suggested that this company be blacklisted and its payments be withheld for now,” said Prem Nath, DCP of the provisions and logistics branch, which procures and implements such projects for the city police. According to Nath, there were issues other than quality control. “There was acontroversy over who would pay the land cutting charges to the civic body for causing wear and tear to the roads while installing the equipment.

The company has now approached the high court against the blacklisting and other contract related issues,” he said. “We had about 30 cameras installed in Lajpat Nagar. But since last two weeks the CCTV control room has been locked and there is no one to man the cameras.

We already have had three cases of thefts in the marketplace which could have been detected by the CCTV cameras,” apolice officer of the Lajpat Nagar police station said. One of the SCORE engineers, who used to man the cameras, said on condition of anonymity,

Police say the devices were substandard

“About afortnight ago, we were told that there was no point visiting the control rooms, since the company wasn’t getting its dues from the police. Our engineers were asked not to visit the control rooms.” So, without the engineers and the technical knowhow, the officers on duty are unable to operate the cameras.

“None of our police officers know how to operate these cameras. Without the engineers, there is no way we can operate the software used in the CCTV control rooms,” a police officer of the Sarojini Nagar police station said.

Even as the police’s internal audit was pointing out SCORE’s shortcomings, the company reportedly won contracts for three new locations –Walled City area, Ashok Vohar and Rani Bagh. “The discussions on the company’s performance at the three locations were going on when tenders for new places were passed and the contract was awarded,” Nath confirmed. However, given the sensitivity and security involved, senior officials refused to go on record about the state of 82 CCTV cameras installed by the same company near the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

“For this, you will you will have to speak to the joint commissioner of police. Ican’t discuss any of these issues which concern the security of the Rashtrapati Bhavan,” said R. P. S Tyagi, DCP Rashtrapati Bhavan. Sources, however, confirmed that the situation was the same situation even at the “most sensitive and high- profile” addresses in the country.

But the dispute between the company and the Delhi Police has had a cascading effect on new projects. “Work has been stalled at these places (Walled City area, Ashok Vohar and Rani Bagh) for now. We are trying to find asolution to the problem for the time being before the final decision is taken by the court.

But these cameras installed at the three spots continue to be non- operational for now,” DCP Nath confirmed. The IT company officials could not be contacted.
bhuvan. bagga@ mailtoday. in

City gets Rs 200 crore for a smart traffic system

THE PLANNING Commission has sanctioned Rs 200 crore for an intelligent traffic system for the Capital ahead of the Commonwealth Games 2010. Officials said the budget that the commission sanctioned last week wW help in a slew of traffic measures, including intelligent video cameras at major traffic intersections.

Officials added that the Traffic Management Centre would have a video wall capturing images from cameras installed at strategic locations. The red light speed cameras, that monitor vehicles jumping red lights, wm also be there besides this. The picture would be complete with control panels and survenance systems for all CCTVs and supporting technology like the wireless sets.

“It is basically applying intelligent technology to monitor and control traffic situations. The cameras would capture images in real time which would be sent to the system for processing. With powerful zoom, the cameras would be able to detect stationary vehicles responsible for clogging a main road.

This helps us manage jams or respond to emergencies,” said an official at the Centre. Apart from this, Variable Message Signs would be installed to inform road users about the traffic situation. For this scheme, the Planning Commission has approved a plan outlay of Rs 200 crore to be spent over the plan period 2007-12. During the year 2008-09 Rs 32 crore have been earmarked for the project.

“We have invited Global Expression of Interest in this regard. We are in the process of finalising appointment of a consultant for the project who will guide us in examining the offers received in response to our inviting Global Expression of Interest, prepare bid documents and help us in getting the project implemented,” said Rajan Bhagat, Spokesman of the Delhi Police.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Government Unconcerned


Survivors chain themselves near PM’s home


New Delhi: Thirtyseven Bhopal gas disaster survivors, including 22 women, were arrested on Wednesday when they chained themselves near Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s residence demanding the government to address their grievances.

The police said the people chained themselves to the railings opposite the heavilyguarded Prime Minister’s residence. “They were not allowed to go near the PM’s house, so they chained themselves. We cut their chains and took them into custody,” said Ajay Kashyap, joint commissioner of police (New Delhi Range).

Under the banner of Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Karmachari Sangh, Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Purush Sangarsh Morcha and Bhopal Group for Information and Action, the protesters sought legal action against Union Carbide and Dow Chemicals and better rehabilitation of the Bhopal victims.
On the night of Dec 2,3 1984, a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal spewed tonnes of poisonous methyl isocyanate gas, killing some 3,800 people instantly and many more later. Dow Chemicals later bought Union Carbide.

The world’s worst industrial disaster also affected thousands, many of who continue to suffer from various chronic diseases.

Contaminated groundwater around the plant area still infects people with various
ailments ranging from skin problems to birth defects, say activists working among the survivors.

Many of the survivors have been staging a protest in New Delhi for nearly two months. They had sought a meeting with the Prime Minister in January.

Nityanand Jayaraman, an activist, said: “On April 16, a Bhopal boy wrote a letter to the Prime Minister using blood drawn from the Bhopal victims, seeking an hour of his time. “The letter was delivered to the Prime Minister along with handwritten notes from more than 500 children from across the country,” he said.

2,800 people from 18 countries have sent fax to the PMO seeking to meet Singh. AGENCIES

Children of Bhopal gas tragedy survivors protest against the government apathy

Gazette notifications will now be available online

Gazette notifications will now be available on line


Mahendra Kumar Singh | TNN

New Delhi: Now, a simple click of the mouse will lead you to all central government gazette notifications with the urban development ministry developing an e-gazette system. The website will also contain Delhi government’s notifications relating to subjects under the Centre’s jurisdiction.

The system to be maintained by the department of printing and publication of the ministry will ensure datewise, monthwise and subjectwise availability of all notifications which contain government policy and directives.

A senior ministry official said the online system was devised to reduce the time lag as well as to facilitate easy accessibility for users all over the country. “It will also ensure transparency,” he added.

Presently, gazette notifications are available to the public only after 10-15 days of the date of publication and people across the country have to travel to the state capital to get a copy of the document.

The e-gazette process will also help users for other purposes such as research, court cases and settlement of legal documents. A ministry official said that the printed version would continue to remain in vogue while the e-gazette would have its own usefulness.

The system will ensure uploading of all notifications on the e-gazette website and will be available to users on payment of price.

Cheque Bounces: Who is respnsible? Company or Signatory? SC split over verdict.

SC split over verdict in cheque bounce case

New Delhi: A two-member bench of the Supreme Court delivered a split verdict on whether a company’s authorized signatory alone can be prosecuted in a cheque bounce case if a complainant chose not to proceed against the organization.

The bench of Justices S B Sinha and V S Sirpurkar has now requested the CJI to refer the issue to a larger bench.

While Justice Sinha felt that the organization, and not just the individual signatory, was liable for criminal prosecution if the bounced cheque was issued on behalf of the
company, Justice Sirpurkar said there was nothing wrong if the complainant chose to proceed only against the individual signatory.

The verdict was delivered in a case related to Aneeta Hada, an authorized signatory of M/S Intel Travels Ltd, who had challenged the summons issued to her by a magistrate on a complaint filed by M/S Godfather Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd.

According to the complainant, Hada on January 17, 2001, had issued a cheque for Rs 5.10 lakh, but it bounced. Following this, Godfather Travels proceeded against Hada under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act.

But Hada challenged the summons on grounds that she was a mere signatory to the cheque. The high court rejected her plea upon which she appealed in the SC. AGENCIES

Kolkata: An unsung samaritan: deaf and mute, yet always eager to help

You cannot hold a good person back

Traffic man on a silent mission

Arpit Basu | TNN

Kolkata: You will never miss him at the Puddapukur crossing of Sarat Bose Road, during the morning rush hour. He is the tall and lanky Gora Halder. Although deaf and mute, he is always eager to help people cross the road safely.

“About 25 years ago, a woman and her daughter were crushed by a government bus on route 2. Gora has been manning traffic since then. Perhaps he wants to prevent further casualties at this crossing,” said Bimal Biswas, a relative.
Traffic at this crossing has undergone a sea change. Besides buses, the number of private cars and taxis has increased. Also, an automatic traffic signal has been installed. But Gora is still there.
“He has been of great help. To be honest, there have been no major accidents at the crossing in the past 25 years. Three months ago, Gora even saved a traffic sergeant and a young girl from a speeding bus,” recalled Biswas.

Sergeants and constables readily admit that Gora — who has no formal training in traffic management — has been of great help. “We sometimes take him to Ballygunge Circular Road near David Hare Training College whenever there is a jam. We often pay him a paltry amount as a token of thanks,” said a sergeant.

Gora, however, earns his living as a masseur. Every morning, he comes to the crossing around 9 am after visiting his clients. After a cup of tea and a cigarette, he joins duty. Locals said he is always seen in cotton trousers and full sleeve shirts with white sneakers.

His father was a government officer. After his death some 30-35 years ago, his mother shifted to her ancestral house in Chetla. His elder brother, who is deaf, went with his mother. But Gora opted to stay back and was brought up at Biswas’ house.

He got married 15 years ago and his wife and daughter stay in Chetla. But Gora still lives in Puddapukur at the late Congress leader Susovan Basu’s house and sends a part of his income to his wife and mother. If he is on duty, no bus stops at the crossing to pick up passengers. Pedestrians aren’t allowed to cross when the green signal is on.

A traffic constable recollects an incident. Just a few weeks ago, an Ambassador with a red beacon blinking, was about to turn right towards Minto Park from Ballygunge Circular Road. An ambulance was then heading towards Health Point nursing home from Minto Park. He stood firm in front of the Ambassador to ensure that the ambulance crossed first.

Australia: Pensioners’ Plight & Fight


Pensioners strip off over Budget

The pensioners were protesting against their treatment in the Federal Budget. (ABC News)

Angry pensioners stripped off in the heart of the Melbourne CBD today to protest against their treatment in the Federal Budget.

The aged pensioners were part of a group of about 150 people, who gathered at the intersection at Flinders and Swanston streets, to protest against their treatment in the Federal Budget.

They managed to disrupt traffic for about 15 minutes, before being moved by police to the steps of Flinders Street Station.

The pensioners want the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to increase their funding.

Patricia Reeve from the Fair Go for Pensioners Coalition says the pension rate should be increased from 25 per cent of average weekly earnings, to 35 per cent.

“We’re delighted they’ve announced a review of pensions, but people want to make the point that you can’t live well on the pension,” she said.

“The country’s doing well, we want a fair share.”

Among those taking off their shirts, was Family First Leader Steve Fielding.

“Australia’s 3.5-million pensioners are overlooked Australians, and are really struggling to make ends meet living off the pension,” Senator Fielding said.

“Pensioners have no voice and are left to survive on a meagre allowance each week that most people would never manage on,” he said.

“They are buckling under the pressure of higher petrol and grocery prices.”

“We’re struggling,” said pensioner, John.

“You have to stand up for your rights, pensioners are the silent majority,” he said.

“Two-hundred and 70 bucks a week, who can survive on that, this gentleman here, an ex builder, he has to sell all his possessions to make do, he worked all his life and he has to sell it to survive.”

Ms Reeve says people are fed up.

“We had great hopes of a new Government,” she said.

“We’re delighted they’ve announced a review of pensions, but people want to make the point, that you can’t live well on the pension.”

She says today’s protest is part of an ongoing campaign.

‘Policy review’

Meanwhile Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin says the Government has boosted support to more than 19,000 extra carers and the Opposition has promised nothing.

“No reference to doing anything for pensioners, no reference to doing anything for carers… no commitment from them to do anything about supported accommodation,” Ms Macklin said.

“These are all measures by the Government determined to deliver and Brendan Nelson was completely silent on them last night.”

Dr Nelson has told Fairfax radio he wants to make more announcements for pensioners before the next election.

“I can understand some of your listeners saying that for example I could have said or announced more last night in relation to pensioners,” he said.

“We’ve still got two and a half more years to go in this electoral cycle but I can assure you that when we go to the people for the next electoral cycle you will see policies in relation to pensioners which will bring more justice to them.”

Meanwhile the Federal Opposition’s Aged Care spokeswoman, Margaret May, has caused a problem for the Coalition leadership by announcing a push to increase the pension without telling Dr Nelson.

Ms May says the Opposition is now endorsing an increase in the base rate of the aged pension, but Dr Nelson did not mention it during his Budget reply speech.

The Opposition’s Treasury spokesman, Malcolm Turnbull, has told Fairfax radio’s Steve Price he does not know about it either.

“She is proposing a new policy and she is the shadow minister for ageing and she’s obviously a very important member of the team, but I think – as she said to you herself – it wasn’t something that’s been agreed to by the leader,” Mr Turnbull said.

“She said it was policy, well, we are in Opposition and we are reviewing all of our policies.”