Andher Nagari: POLICE in NOIDA, UP

NOIDA is acheiving the status of crime capital of UP.

Motorcycle gangs openly and boldly strike at will, kidnap children , snatch chains, snatch cars, shoot people and coolly ride away.

Police is ineffective for many reasons.

They are understaffed (one third of actual requirement of personnel only available); their PCR vans can run only for 150 km per month (due to restrictions on petrol usage, and to prevent misuse), political interference etc.

Now we hear that even phones are not functional in the Police stations. They have been disconnected due to non payment of dues!

If the end results were not so tragic, you would be dismissing the state of NOIDA and its police force as a joke.

Police phones out of order

WITH telephone lines in five major police stations — Greater Noida, Kasna, Surajpur, Jarcha and Jahangirpur — lying defunct, nearly 40,000 people are bereft of any way to report criminal activities. And, if they call up the respective station officers ( SO), chances are their calls will go unanswered. Given the situation, residents and industrialists in Greater Noida have complained about a total loss of communication facilities between them and the local police.

“ Two weeks back, there was a theft in our locality. But when we tried to call up the Kasna police station, we found the number was not working. And by the time we managed to obtain the number of the SO, the miscreants had fled. We didn’t have any option but to go to the station after an hour. Had we passed on the information to police there and then, the thieves could have been caught,” said Kishor Mehta, a resident of Alpha- II, Greater Noida.

The police said the telephones have been out- of- order for the last four- five months due to nonpayment.

A. K. Vijeta, SP ( rural) Gautam Budh Nagar said, “ BSNL has agreed to reconnect the lines, with one- way use. We are trying to pay off the bills so that they can be used both ways.

” akash. vashishtha@ mailtoday. in

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